The Pressure of a Post


Since this is my first post, I feel like I should say something deep and insightful.  Or share an inspirational story.  Or some secret on how to take your running to the next level.  But I’m not that insightful, my story isn’t that inspirational and I don’t know any secrets.  So I guess for my first post, I’ll just talk about why I decided to start this blog.

The reality is that I’m kind of obsessed with running.  I’m also kind of injured.  A couple of weeks ago I ran my first 50k which also happened to be my first trail race.  I managed to roll my ankle pretty good around mile 14 but after a quarter mile or so, it felt fine and I was able to finish the race no problem.  Now, what I SHOULD have done (and what many wise running friends told me to do) was take it easy and enjoy a nice recovery week.  But I had a marathon coming up and didn’t want to slow down, so I continued running hard.  After a week, I was limping and couldn’t take a step without serious pain.  I took a week off from running but was still in a lot of pain.  A quick trip to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a midfoot sprain and ordered not to run for 4-6 weeks.  What does a running obsessed person who can’t run do?  They start a blog about running!

Well, really I plan to just write about anything and everything that pops into my head.  Things on my mind right now: I really need to get a handle on my nutrition.  Should I get a personal trainer?  Are the kids in bed?  How early do I need to get up tomorrow to squeeze in yoga before an 8 am spin class?  What movie should the hubs and I watch tonight?  Why the hell do I sweat so damn much??  Should I have another glass of wine?

Why yes, I am a really deep thinker.

And just because….


This is Sean.  He’s a little stinker.  But a cute little stinker.


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  1. Carla says:

    Haha…i can identify! I am on week 5 of healing from my midfoot sprain. I was in the middle of training for a marathon, and when doing intervals on the treadmill (the only time i use the treadmill) i somehow managed to sprain my foot. I didn’t even know you could sprain your midfoot! Biking, spinning and elliptical (only recently) and weights have kept me sane. I managed to jog a little this past weekend, but didn’t feel too great so I guess i’ll give it the six weeks! Hope you have healed and thanks for sharing!

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