My Friends Call Me Terror

So yesterday I was supposed to run a 10 miler.  It is the first of several races I will be missing because of this silly foot injury.  While I was happy to hear about how well my friends did, I was definitely sad not to be out there getting my run on.  To make myself feel better, I went to an early spin class with an instructor I heard was really good.  He didn’t disappoint.  He was very loud and enthusiastic which made the hour fly by and based on the puddle around my bike at the end, I think I got a pretty good workout too.  I finished up with some lower body weights and now my booty is sore.  Good stuff.

Text from a friend this morning: “I did a body attack class and I am sweating like… terror!”  I have no idea why she calls me that.


(Yes my bib does say Terror, totally normal)

This morning I had planned to take a class at my gym but Sean couldn’t find his shoes.  After a brief tantrum (by me) we found a pair and got him off to preschool but by then it was too late to make the class.  Oh well, spent some quality time on the elliptical and stepmill (aka machine of misery) instead.

Made a Target run and saw this:


Donut Makers on sale for $14.99??  I thought I needed one but as luck would have it I had just had a snack so I was able to resist.  Never go to Target hungry or you may come home with random appliances.  Instead I bought this:


Because drinks just taste better out of cute cups… almost as good as donuts.


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