Shamrock Marathon aka The Race I Will Never Run

It’s official.  I am not running Shamrock.  Well, I mean I already knew I wasn’t running it but it’s official because I canceled the hotel room yesterday.  (Pause while I wipe away the tears.)  This is the third time I signed up for the race and the third time I am not running it.  Actually that’s not true.  I signed up for it and made it to the start line in 2007 but dropped out at mile 13 due to an IT band injury.  There were lots of tears that day too.


2007 Ready to run 26.2…. er… 13 miles!

I signed up again in 2011 only to find out I had a stress fracture in my foot two days before the race.  That put a damper on my race plans.  Since we couldn’t cancel the hotel room, we decided to go spend the night in Virginia Beach and cheer on the runners which I actually really love to do.  I think I like cheering at races as much as I like racing myself, possibly more because it doesn’t hurt as much and I’m lazy.  Anyway, I was already starting to suspect the race was cursed for me.  When I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire and a fever the night before the race (turned out to be strep), I became positive that Shamrock and I were just not meant to be.

In order to prove that I’m not superstitious, I signed up again this year.  OH WHY DID I SIGN UP??  When I was looking for a spring marathon, Shamrock was again a very appealing race.  I like Virginia Beach, it’s a very flat course and if the weather cooperates it’s perfect for a fast marathon.  It just made sense!  And then I twisted my ankle at Holiday Lake and continued running on it, blahblahblah, so for a third time I will not be running this race.  I’m sure next year I’ll sign up again.  Surely at some point I’ll have to break this streak, right?

And actually I’m a lot less upset about not running than I thought I’d be.  I tend to get a little… ummmm… emotional when not running.  Luckily I have friends who understand this and are no longer surprised when I randomly burst into tears… in line at Starbucks.  <cry cry cry> No I don’t want whipped cream, I’m not running! <cry cry cry>  Just kidding, that never happened.  But I do get a little down when the races I’ve set goals and trained hard for, come and go with me sitting on the sidelines.  On the plus side, I have decided to use the money we are not spending on gas or the hotel room on new running shoes and clothes.  I’m almost 96% positive that Lawrence is totally fine with that plan.

As far as workouts go, I took yesterday completely off.  It felt good.  I love to workout but sometimes I get a little too compulsive about it.  By the way, sometimes I’m compulsive.  Some days it feels good to take a deep breath, step back and focus on other things… like that mountain of laundry I’ve been ignoring.  I swear based on the amount of laundry we generate you’d think 15 people lived here.  Today I’m ready to get back to the gym because I have clean workout clothes again.  No more see through shorts!

And because my friend said this blog would be a lot more interesting if I posted more pictures of my shoes…


Here you go!

It makes me so happy when my shoes match my shirt.


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