My Bob


I’m really excited to have my very first personal training session ever today.  I figured that starting personal training during the “injury wallowing phase” (see yesterday’s post) was the perfect way to keep things interesting and keep me accountable when my motivation might be on the low side.  I’ve noticed this particular trainer at the gym for a while now.  He’s always busy working with clients and he regularly wears an Ironman hat.  Apparently for me Ironman hat = totally legit. When a friend raved about what an awesome trainer he is, I took that as a sign.  I met with him Sunday morning and discussed my history and goals.  I liked what he had to say and think I’ll work well with him.  And although he seems perfectly nice and calm when he’s working with other people around the gym, I kind of hope he goes all Biggest-Loser-up-in-my-face-Bob-Harper on me.  I need to be pushed and I hope my whining (and possibly crying) doesn’t phase him.

Also on the agenda for today: a massage with my massage therapist.  I know, I have it rough.  I originally scheduled this massage as a pre-marathon tune up for Shamrock on Sunday.  Once I pulled out of the race, I considered canceling it but my whole right leg has felt so jacked up for the last couple weeks that I decided to keep it.  While I know it’s not going to be the magic solution to my foot problems, I’m kind of hoping it will be the magic solution to my foot problems.  A girl can hope right?

Three exciting things happened yesterday.


1.  My 8 year old tried to burn down the house.  There is now a really pretty burned spot on the carpet in the basement.  In the picture it just kind of looks dirty but no, that is nice and charred.  On the plus side, no one was hurt and it’s good to know that the fire alarm in the house is working perfectly fine.  I would go into more details but I can’t talk about it yet.  This is where being able to go for a run is helpful.


2.  We needed to make a Costco run and decided to make it a family outing. While eating dinner there, we made the mistake of looking up the nutritional information for the food in the Costco food court.  Do not EVER do that (but if you must, here is the link).  Especially when you’re already eating dinner IN the Costco food court.  Seriously.  Just don’t.  The one that makes me the most sad: the icecream bar with almonds.  While it is super tasty and Lawrence and I usually get one to share, I don’t know that it’s worth the 870 calories and 65 grams of fat!  I miss my blissful ignorance.


3. I FINALLY added new music to my iPod.  This is embarrassing but the last time I added new music to my iPod was 2009!  What makes this especially ridiculous is that I use my iPod on an almost daily basis.  So I’ve been working out to the same 30 songs for the last 4 years.  I find it kind of interesting that I’m not totally sick of those songs.  What does that say about my personality that I can listen to the same songs repeatedly for years?  I’m not sure why it took so long to add new music.  I guess it just seemed like too much work to figure out how.  And yes I know it was ridiculously easy, so that was just silly.  What else was silly?  How giddy it made me.  So excited to work out to some new tunes.

And just because I like this song and my SISTER said it reminded her of me here you go:

Hmmm… I’m not sure how I feel about that.


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