It’s Friday and This Will Be Even More Random Than Usual!


It’s been a good week.  After a rocky wallow-y start, it turned a corner and I’m feeling really happy.  Like, rainbows and unicorns happy.  Ryan tries to burn down the house?  No big deal!  Sean decides to yell penis three times in the child care center of the gym and I get pulled out of body pump to give him a talking to?  Slightly awkward, but no, not phased!  I could try to analyze why, perhaps the decrease in sugar and increase in snap peas.  Or possibly replacing the gallons of Diet Coke I’d been consuming with nice clean water.  But really it doesn’t matter why.  Not all days or weeks are good, that’s just the flow of life.  Going through the hard times really makes you appreciate the good ones that much more.  Wow, I’m really deep today.

And now for Friday randomness…

We went to Chick Fil A for dinner last night because Brendan was destroying the kitchen working on a science project.  He had to make a model of an animal cell which he decided to create out of cake.  I walked into the kitchen this morning and there were cake crumbs, frosting, food coloring, and candy everywhere.  (Still in a good mood!)  So, last night while he was knee deep in this project, there was no way any cooking was happening in my kitchen.  We loaded up the car and headed to Chick Fil A.  Since I’m not drinking soda (3 days and counting!), I brought my new cup.  After we ordered, I asked the cashier if he could fill it up with water.  In case you were wondering, this is a BIG deal.  Like, have to get manager approval big deal.  Apparently he was afraid my cup was infected with the Ebola virus and could not get anywhere near their soda machine.  After he consulted with the manager, and I stood there feeling like an idiot for a few minutes, he returned and said with a sigh, I can fill it up for you.  Next time I’m just going to ask for a cup of water, screw the environment!


I’m feeling incredibly super excited about my 50 miler.  I’m not sure why.  50 miles seems like a really long scary distance.  It’s only 2.5 months away and I’m not running at all.  The race is on June 1st which means there is a very real possibility that it will be hot and humid.  Being the sweatiest person around means I do NOT run well in humidity.  I know that’s true of a lot of people but unless you’ve had the misfortune of running with me in the middle of summer, it’s hard to even describe the depth of my misery (and sweatiness).  But none of this is putting a damper on my excitement.  I can’t wait to get back on the trails!  My trail shoes have been looking pretty sad and lonely.  I can’t wait to be putting in some back to back long runs.  I did a mountain run with a friend back when the trail was covered in snow and ice and I can’t wait to try it again in better conditions.  Although the views made all the falls worth it!


  There’s just something about trail running that soothes my soul.  All the worry and pressure I often feel about hitting paces on the roads totally disappears on the trails.  I’m new enough to trail running that I have no idea what a good pace is.  It’s just me and the trail and I love it.

I was feeling all good about myself yesterday and decided to increase my weight in body pump.  Let’s back up to yesterday morning when I got out of bed and every muscle in my body hurt.  I’ve done some kind of strength training every day this week and am lifting more than I ever have before.  So what I probably SHOULD’VE done is decrease my weight and take it a little easy.  Instead, like a total jacka$$, I added more weight.  I barely made it through the warm up and then had to take weight off.  And that is what happens when you act like a cocky idiot.  And then your kid yells penis.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Claire says:

    Sean is hilarious! Glad you had a good week. Me, being selfish, I can’t wait until you can run again so I don’t have to do long runs on Fridays all by myself. I think I need to get a Blizzard now.

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