Monday, Snow, And Facebook

I didn’t even know snow was in the forecast and woke up to this:


So that was a nice little surprise.

I went ahead and scheduled my doctor’s appointment for tomorrow morning.  I won’t get any answers but hopefully will be a step closer to figuring out what’s going on.  And I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how stupid and avoidable this whole thing was.  For future reference, when someone who does a whole lot of ultras gives you advice, it’s probably wise to actually listen to said advice.  He specifically said to take it easy after the 50k.  He even told me about the time he DIDN’T take it easy after a race and ended up with 2 months of IT band issues.  I really REALLY hate it when he’s right.

I read this post on the topic of Facebook yesterday.  I thought it was interesting.  Some of her points:

  • If you don’t like Facebook, don’t use it.  Period.  But don’t knock on the people that do like it and use it.  As with everything in life, we are all at different places and stages.  Let people be.
  • I hear a lot of people make fun of others for their posts or for  how often they post or for what they post, etc. etc.  As if they are better people for not posting. Again, if it isn’t your thing, Then DON’T USE IT.  Why even get on it if you think you’re better than that?
  • Do I think Facebook and other social media forms are overused and take away from actual living sometimes….HECK YES!  I think I’ve found myself in this rut at various times over the last 5ish years too and I’m thankful that I’ve been conscious and reflective over it so that I can put it in its right place.
  • Just Stop Judging.  Stop criticizing others for being different from you.  Stop looking at things that annoy you and judging the people that post things that make you feel “less”.  This is something in YOU.  Not in the person posting.  Nobody can MAKE you feel anything…you allow yourself to feel this way.

Interesting stuff.  I do wonder why we’re all so quick to judge each other.  I like Facebook but recently took a little break.  I called it my Facebook 3 day cleanse.  Why?  Because sometimes I get overwhelmed by social media and need time to refocus.  I think, as with everything in life, moderation is key.  Brilliant!

And lastly, I’m working this morning.


And am feeling very color coordinated.  I love it when that happens.  Yay Monday!


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