Happy Spring!

Monday I woke up to a blanket of snow and yesterday looked like this:


How could I not be happy on a day like that??

My training session was great yesterday.  I base this on the fact that I had to hold back tears during the workout.  He had me doing a wall sit while doing single arm shoulder presses.  OUCH!  I don’t think my quads have ever burned like that.  I did the circuit three times, so by the last time, I knew the pain that was coming.  I had to give myself a little pep talk and asked him if people ever cry during their workouts with him.  He said, “Oooooh yeah.”  But I’m proud to say that there were no tears yesterday.  I think I’ll save that until at least our 4th session.

I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday too.  I saw the PA who I love.  She never rushes me and always seems genuinely concerned about what’s going on.  She ordered an MRI for my ankle which I was able to schedule for Friday.  She said she would call early next week with the results.  I’m so SO happy to know that I’ll have an answer soon.  I’m not sure I’ll like the answer but knowing is always much better than not knowing.  I think.

After my appointment, I took the little stinker to Dunkin Donuts for being so patient.


He approved.

I also got myself an iced coffee for the first time since the fall.  I was so excited for a day that was warm enough for iced coffee.  Bring on spring!

After the other kids got out of school, we took advantage of the sunshine and headed to the park.  I told them to smile and here’s what I got:


I’m not sure what Ryan’s doing.  I told him we had to take another picture and that he needed to smile this time.  He said he didn’t know how to smile.  Luckily Sean is an expert on the subject.   “Ryan, this is what you have to do…whisper whisper whisper…”  I wish I could’ve heard the instructions he gave Ryan because apparently he’s a good teacher.


3 kids looking at the camera AND smiling?  Success!

While we were sitting in Dunkin Donuts which also happened to be a Baskin Robbins, I was checking out the birthday cakes and it got me to thinking.  I went to my nephew’s first birthday party the other day.  The best part of a first birthday party is always watching the birthday kid dig into his own little cake.  I love this tradition!  The expressions are always priceless.


Sean looking not quite sure what to make of the situation.

And THEN I wondered why we only do this for first birthdays.  Seriously, WHY?  This seems like the most amazing tradition ever that just gets better the older you get.  And you can change it up and make it more challenging.  Obviously, utensils are a definite no.  You could add a blindfold or tie the lucky birthday person’s hands behind their back.  I feel like there are endless possibilities here.  Luckily, Lawrence’s birthday is next week, so we can start this tradition then.  I can’t wait to tell him.


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