Spring Break Is Here!

MRI is done and the waiting begins.  Hopefully I’ll have the results by Tuesday.  I actually kind of enjoyed the whole experience.  Lie down on my stomach for 30 minutes with earplugs in and try not to move?  Sounds great, wake me up when you’re done!  I might’ve been a little sad when the technician came back in.  30 minutes just wasn’t enough nap time for me.  Particularly after last night’s festivities which included a few of these:


Don’t worry, only one of those was mine.

Yesterday I did body pump with a new instructor and she was awesome!  The arm sections of the class were ridiculous which made me happy.  The more it burns, the more I like it.  And something pretty amazing has been happening lately.  I found some muscles!!  This has NEVER happened to me before.  I thought I was in pretty good shape when I was running a lot but I was neglecting every muscle group in my body aside from my legs.  I like to run, so that’s all I did.  (Wow, real shocker I ended up injured.)  Now with all the cross training, classes and lifting, I can feel my biceps and triceps for the first time EVER.  Not kidding.  And I may make Lawrence feel them at least 2 times every day because I’m so ridiculously excited about it.  I’m not sure why he’s not as giddy about it as I am.

Spring break officially starts today and we head out tomorrow for a fun week of family visiting.  I can.not.wait.  First stop: Wheeling, West Virginia.  My dad grew up there and we used to visit every summer.  I realized a little while ago that I hadn’t been back in over 7 years!  Way too long.  I’m so so excited to catch up with everyone.


My grandparents and cousins a really long time ago.

Then we head to Pittsburgh to descend on my sister.  She’s super excited!


Awwww… aren’t we cute?

Friday Randomness

1. I am obsessed with this song right now.  I think it’ll be my summer theme song this year.

SO ready for some summer barefoot blue jean nights!

2. I am in love with my compression socks.  I think I need 10 more pairs.  They’re like little hugs on my feet and calves.


Why yes I DID wear them on the beach.  Doesn’t everyone?

3. Most random text I received lately:  “I’m sitting here without pants on waiting for some guy I don’t even like!”

Hmmmm.  Awkward.


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