Take Me Home, Country Roads!

Since I’ll be spending a good portion of the day in the car and spending the evening eating, drinking and catching up, I decided to start the day off with a trip to the gym.  It’s a good thing I planned to go to a spin class because my motivation was at an all time low this morning.  I got on my bike and seriously considered trying to sneak out 5 minutes in.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  But that’s the great thing about a class, it keeps you accountable.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of all those people seeing me give up and leave.  Not that anyone would’ve noticed or cared, but it’s enough motivation to keep my legs moving and my butt in the seat.  Some days I need all the help I can get!

And speaking of accountability, it’s amazing the difference logging my workouts has made for me.  I started just so I could keep track of my mileage.  As an added bonus, I can look back and see what worked and what didn’t, how I was feeling on a particular day, what kind of mileage I can handle, etc.  But it’s also a really useful accountability tool for me.  There are days when I’m on the elliptical and want to get off after 10 minutes.  But the thought of having to put that in my log keeps me going.  No one but me reads it but there’s something about having to write down in black and white that I quit that’s just painful for me.  Funny the little tricks we can play on our mind.

After the gym, this happened:


Maybe I should just open my own Dunkin Donuts.  Of course I wouldn’t make any money because I’d drink all our profits.

And now some last minute packing and we’re hitting the road!  Hopefully West Virginia is ready for us!


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