MRI Results and Aftermath

I spent this morning completely unable to focus on anything.   I usually exist in a semi-state of spastic but I was in full on spastic mode.  I knew THE CALL was coming.  My doctor told me to give her 48 hours from the MRI to get me the results.  Since my appointment was at 9 on Friday morning, I figured I should hear from her sometime on Tuesday.  At 11, I couldn’t wait any longer.  Apparently, patience is not my strong suit.  I called the office and left a message.  When she called back, I was in the car on the way to the gym.  This proved to be very fortunate.

“I have your MRI results.  Your ankle looks good but you have a stress fracture in your heel which is what has been causing the pain.”  Hmmm…. not exactly the news I was hoping for.  Guess I won’t be needing those running tights on this trip after all.  I took it well.  We joked.  We laughed.  I thanked her and hung up.  Then we got to the gym and I ellipticalled (is that a word?) like it was my job.  There were a couple tears shed but for the most part I held it together pretty well.  In reality, this news changes things very little.  I have at least a few more weeks of cross training ahead of me.  The big difference it makes is that I have to finally accept that the 50 miler is not in the cards for me this spring.  There is no way I can give my foot the rest it needs and complete 50 miles on June 1st.  Not without risking a more serious injury.  To say that I’m disappointed would be a serious understatement.  This race would have been perfect.  I had a pacer.  I had a crew.  It would’ve been such a fun and amazing experience.  But the great thing about races is that there’s always another one.  One day I’ll do a 50 miler but for now, that will go on the back burner and I’ll concentrate on healing and then preparing for Chicago.

Interestingly enough, I follow a few running blogs and injuries seems to be going around.  This blog has some good tips on pool running which couldn’t be more timely.  And so, I will hopefully add pool running to my schedule a couple of times a week.  I think anyone who runs for any length of time will experience an injury at some point.  The important part is how we respond to it.  In the past, I’ve totally wallowed in self pity and peanut butter m&m’s.  This time, however, I want to come back from this a stronger and smarter runner.  Two or three months is really just a blink of an eye in the scheme of things.  Some days it’s harder than others to see that.  I like to run, it’s important to me and I know not everyone understands that but that’s okay.  And it’s okay for me to be upset about this setback.  I have perspective.  My life is good.  But this still sucks and I don’t mind saying so.

After the gym, we took the kids swimming and then headed back to my sister’s house.  My niece and I did yoga together, it was cathartic.  After that, we had a quick dinner and headed to the roller rink.  I opted not to skate but had a ton of fun watching the kids limbo and chicken dance.  It totally took me back.  Unfortunately, Sean was not having any of it.  This is what he thought of rolling skating:


The other kids loved it and had a great time.

When we got home, I decided that one night of wallowing was acceptable.  There was some of this:


And then my sister made these:


Those are tempura mushrooms and they were AMAZING.  No joke.  These mushrooms are legit.

One night of wallowing is all I get though because tomorrow morning Alice and I are heading to body pump.  I’m pretty sure in the long run this will be good for me.  But for now, I’m just going to take it one day at a time.  And if that means a few extra glasses of wine and bags of peanut butter m&m’s, so be it.


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