Ordinary Days

Yesterday was a good day.  I got up in a great mood.  Shockingly, that’s not always the case.  Especially these injury laden days.  Let’s just say my poor family will probably be happier than I am when I can run again.  I attribute yesterday’s good mood to the glass of wine and talk I had with a good friend the night before.  That actually might be the cure for most things.  Anyway, after getting the kids on the bus, I sat down to my morning bowl of oatmeal.  Yesterday, it was craisins and strawberries.  I really should be counting the number of consecutive days that I’ve had oatmeal for breakfast.  I wonder if there’s a record for that.  There should be.

I dropped Sean off at preschool and headed to the gym.  I took what was probably my favorite spin class to date.  The instructor was more than motivating.  It was almost like a therapy session.  At the end, I felt better, lighter, and happier than I felt at the beginning.  That’s the sign of a great instructor.  And I FINALLY found a bonus to being the sweatiest person in the room: it makes you look like you’re working really REALLY hard.  The instructor was walking around the room at one point, checking everyone’s form and stopped in front of my bike.  She looked at me and said, “You’re doing awesome!  I like you!  You need to sit up front next time.”  I’m sure she thought the puddle around my bike meant that I was pushing myself to the extreme.  But no, I look like that when I’m pushing hard and when I’m being lazy.  If amount of sweat = quality of workout, I would be an Olympian right now.

Speaking of sweat, I bought a living social deal for bikram the other day.  When I told Lawrence he just shook his head.  “Didn’t you say you were never going back after the last class?”  Well, I might’ve said that.  But clearly he didn’t know what an incredibly good deal I got on 20 classes.   That I have to use within 30 days.  I think if I went to 20 classes in 30 days, you would probably need to mop me up off their floor.  BUT if I only do 2 classes in those 30 days, I still save money, so I’m sure I’ll go at least that many times.  I’m also sure that every time I come home, I will swear I’m never going back.  At some point, it has to get easier… or at least less miserable, right?  Clearly I have some masochistic tendencies.

I also squeezed in some yoga yesterday, the regular kind which I think I like better than the hot kind.  I was able to do it when I normally would be making dinner.  I love crock pot days.  I made this recipe yesterday and everyone approved.  With 4 kids, recipes that please everyone are few and far between, so it will definitely be going into the rotation.  Yesterday night, Lawrence and I were supposed to go out on a date but had to push it to tonight.  So last night was super exciting: a little laundry, a little foam rolling, a little tv and an early bedtime.   I know, I should slow down.  It’s getting crazy over here!

Today, I work all day at the running store.  I guess if I can’t run, at least I can talk running on this gorgeous day.  I’ll be wearing a pair of my favorite compression socks to work today.  I didn’t think it was possible to get shin splints from walking but apparently, I was wrong!  I walked 4.5 miles around the lake Thursday and yesterday I woke up to an incredibly sore left shin.  I’m sure I’m probably walking funny, favoring my right foot.  It serves as a reminder that I’m clearly not ready to run yet.  But only a couple more weeks!

Have a great weekend!


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