Work Day and Date Night


Yesterday broke my heart.  The whole next week probably will too.  It was just so absolutely gorgeous that I wanted to get outside and soak up the sunshine.  I really love working at the running store but on days like that it’s hard not to stare longingly out the window all day.  Luckily, it was still nice when I got home and I was able to get out for a quick walk around the lake in our neighborhood.

And yes, I am a big dork because I had to wear these for my walk:


My trail shoes were probably not totally necessary but I love them.  Like, I have serious shoe love for these babies.  They’ve been gathering dust in my closet for so long it seemed like a great excuse to get them out.  I forgot how comfortable they are and holy cow, they are comfortable.  I think I had a cheesy grin on my face the whole way around the lake.  Just to be outside in a t-shirt for a change and getting myself moving outside the gym felt so amazing.  In fact, I felt so amazing, I decided to do some hill repeats.


My friend beat down a path up this sneaky steep little hill running up and down it repeatedly.  I figured a couple of repeats would be good for my legs.  I did a little power walking up and slow walking down to protect my heel.  I definitely got my legs burning but am amazed at how much stronger they feel.  All the weights and yoga are paying off!


Last night, Lawrence and I hit up Old Town Alexandria for date night.  I grew up outside of Old Town and we had our first date there, so it’s one of my very favorite places.  Some friends recommended we try Virtue Feed & Grain and it was amazing.  Our bartender was fun, the beer was great, and the atmosphere was awesome.  We will definitely be going back again soon… like next week.


This morning, I decided it was time to give pool running a try.  I’m actually surprised at how much I liked it… or at least didn’t hate it.  I’m also surprised at how hard it is.  You can really get your legs burning and your heart rate up.  It was a nice change of pace from what I’ve been doing so I’m excited to get back to the pool a few times a week for the next few weeks.  I think variety is the only thing that has kept me motivated and sane through this injury.

Looking forward to some quality time with the family today enjoying the weather.  So excited that spring is finally here!


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