Injury Update

I’m still in a little shock.  There was a little crying, a lot of smiling and one awkward moment where I almost hugged the doctor.  The news?  I’ve been cleared to start running again!!!  The doctor was amazing (and not just because he said I could run).  He spent over 30 minutes with me.  I never felt like I was being rushed.  He answered all my questions and explained every little thing that was going on in my foot.


Photo courtesy of Sean.

He took a look at my mri and the funny part?  The two spots I’ve been having pain aren’t related to three mri findings!  I’ve been having pain in my heel but it isn’t anywhere near where the stress fracture is.  And speaking of the stress fracture, he said he doesn’t think it is one.  It’s a stress reaction, definitely better news than a stress fracture.  He said the pain in my heel is due to plantar fasciitis and a very tiny bone spur.  He gave me some gel heel cups to help with that.  I’ve also been having pain up the front of my ankle which I assumed was the tear in my tendon.  But nope, that pain is more likely due to the ankle sprain and a tight calf muscle and achilles tendon.  So he gave me some stretches to do, recommended foam rolling and gave me the green light to ease back into running.  Not only that!  He said I could do the 50 miler!!!  (This is where the tears started and the awkward hugging moment happened.)

Now the not so wonderful news, he said that the tear in my tendon could be a problem down the road.  It might not be, we just don’t know.  He said if I start feeling pain or notice bruising there, we would do a follow up mri.  He said the ultra conservative approach would be to tell me to stop running but he would never tell me to do that.  (LOVE doctors who understand this!)  At this point it’s just about strengthening and stretching.  We may also do custom orthotics, but for now I’m wearing Superfeet.  He also recommended an ankle brace to keep those tendons on the front of my ankle supported.  All in all, I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome to today’s appointment.

S0 I drove from the doctor’s office home to change and then straight to the lake.  The news that I could run couldn’t have come on a more beautiful day!


Oh how I’ve missed you, lake path!


Hello there sunshine!  Much better view out here than from the elliptical.

I am taking it super slow, super easy, super careful.  I do NOT want to do anything that is going to risk hurting my foot.  Most of my training at this point will still be cross training and just a little slow easy running every other day.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in the pool for another pool running session.  But I don’t care!  There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel and a plan to return to running safely.  I’m happy.  I’m excited.  But most of all, I’m thankful.


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