Three Things Thursday


1.  Being the sweatiest person around, I’m usually not a fan of hot weather.  I’m a spring and fall kind of girl.  While I love the activities that summer brings (yay pool and beach!), I could do without the heat and humidity.  Yesterday it hit 90.  In April.  I feel like normally I’d be pretty unhappy about that but for some odd reason, I’m not!  I loved every second of it.  Maybe because the humidity hasn’t skyrocketed yet.  Maybe because I wasn’t running in it.  Maybe because it snowed a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe because heat has new meaning after suffering through bikram.  I don’t know.  But I loved it.  Bring on the tank top and flip flop weather!  Speaking of flip flops, they may not have been the best choice for my walk yesterday.  I no longer have any skin on the top of my feet where the straps rubbed it off.  Oops.


2.  We went out and celebrated my return to running on Tuesday night.  I found THE best combo ever: margaritas and fried ice cream.  I’m not sure why I’ve never tried fried ice cream before.  It was amazing.  It’s a good thing I can run again, I’m sure I’ll be running that off for the next month or so.  Totally worth it.

3.  Even though I’m cleared to run, I’m only running a little bit every other day while I ease back into it.  I don’t want to go totally spastic and end up right back on the injured bench.  So yesterday, it was back to pool running.  I did this workout found here:

5 min warm-up

3 sets of 8×1:30 hard

(30 seconds easy recovery; 2 min easy btw sets)

5 min cooldown

The one thing that kept me from meeting my friends and running at the lake was staying focused on my goal: the 50 miler.  I need to make sure this injury is behind me and I need to keep my fitness up.  That means lots and lots of cross training while I slowly add running again.

Speaking of the 50 miler, I have a pacer lined up for the last 23 miles of the race.  I guess he takes his job seriously because he sent me a link to this blog on how to be an ultra pacer.  This cracked me up.  A lot.

“Before you meet up with your runner it helps if you’ve been crewing for him over the first sections of the race, so you can see the gradual transformation from happy, clean likable person, to filthy, hobbling, scratchy-voiced, grouchy shell of a human.  With any luck, you will grow a tiny seed of pity for the poor slob, which will hopefully give you at least a touch of patience.  This patience will disappear “poof” the first time you start arguing with your runner about eating.  “Time for a gel.”  “I don’t want anything.”  “You have to eat.”  “I don’t want to.  It sounds gross.”  “If you don’t eat, you’ll bonk and die.”  “I don’t care.  Gels are disgusting.”  “I will beat you to death if you don’t eat a gel…”

This could go on for hours, until he finally eats, or until you actually kill him.”

Doesn’t that sound fun?!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  The whole three part post is hilarious.  I feel like it should make me nervous, but it just makes me really excited.  I’m not sure that’s normal.

Today I get to run!  Happy Happy Thursday!



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  1. A says:

    I’m starting to think it’s possible that we are not really related. Of course M told me the other night that all of us sibs have the same hands. I think that’s cool. Too bad I can’t share your speed. But I was NOT the slowest at Boot Camp this week! Yay! Love you!

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