Another Weekend Flies By!

I’m really beginning to think that time actually speeds up starting at 5 pm Friday night and then slows back down on Monday morning.  Although these days, it seems like time is just flying in general.  I swear I went to bed 20 and woke up 33, how did that happen??

I had a great day at work on Saturday.  The warmer weather and all the spring races are keeping things busy at the running store.  I love talking to people about the races they’re doing, I get excited for each and every one of them.  I could seriously talk running all day long.  It also makes me itch to get back out there.  I’m signed up for the Nike Women’s Half next weekend and as of now, I do plan to do it but will just be run/walking it.  I could not be any more frustrated with this silly ankle!  Speaking of which, I think I will be seeing ANOTHER doctor about it.  A friend of mine who is an amazing running recommended her orthopedist, so I’m going to take my MRI results over and get another opinion on them.  Mostly I just want to make sure that I’m not doing any further damage by running on it at this point.  Also I want them to tell me it will stop hurting.  Actually if they could just could make it stop hurting that would be fantastic.

After I got home from work, we took the kids bowling.  While the kids did this:


(Yes, leaning and pointing in the direction you want your ball to go, does in fact influence the direction it goes.  I know this from personal experience.)

Lawrence and I did this:


We had the bumpers up for the kids and I like to call bowling with bumpers the great equalizer.  Here’s the score from the first game:


The order is youngest to oldest.  Sean won the first game!  He was pretty excited about it.  Brendan, my 13 year old, was less excited.  I won’t post the scores of the second game which I bowled.  Even the bumpers couldn’t help me.  I don’t see professional bowling in my future.

Sunday morning I got up and went to the Boston Memorial run sponsored by Potomac River Running at Burke Lake Park.  There was such a great turn out.


With a $20 donation you got one of these awesome shirts.


It was a great day to come together as a running community, heal and give back.


After the run, we spent some time spring cleaning.  We are in a purge state of mind and there is something so rewarding about getting stuff out of the house.  We also hit up Home Depot for paint and to get some kitchen ideas.  We’re going to be completely gutting our kitchen shortly.  It makes me excited and anxious.  Excited because, well, who wouldn’t want a brand spankin’ new kitchen?  Particularly since my current one is stuck is 1978.  (See the beer picture above?  That table top is the same counter top currently going on in my kitchen.  Lovely.)  But the thought of the chaos that we’ll be living in for a month while we get it renovated is a little overwhelming.  I’m just hoping we can keep the fast food to a minimum.  I see a lot of yummy grilling in my future.

Since I ran yesterday, it’s back to spinning this morning and then coming home to paint.  Lots of changes going on over here!

Happy Monday!


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