Time Management

Wednesdays have been busy the past few weeks.  I work 10-1 and then again 5-8.  I really try to have dinner put together so that Lawrence doesn’t have to worry about it when he gets home from work.  I know cooking is the last thing I would want to do after a long day at work plus a traffic filled commute.  Some days I’m successful, others I’m less successful.  Time management is just not my strong suit.  So this week I decided to try really hard to prioritize and get things done.  Squeezing in workouts is usually not a problem for me because I love doing them.  Making dinner has been more problematic because I just don’t enjoy cooking.  While I was planning out our dinners for the week, I decided I needed to have one or two crock pot meals on the menu for days that are crazy busy.  So this morning I threw all the ingredients in while the kids were eating breakfast.


And tonight, that will be baked potato soup (Brendan’s request for the week).  We’re trying out this recipe.  So easy!  I don’t know why I don’t use the crock pot more often.  It’s so nice to have dinner done before 8 in the morning.

When I get home from work (the first time) I have to get another coat of paint on the wall so we can finish up that project.  Our list of house projects is pretty extensive at the moment, so I really just want to wrap each one up as quickly as possible.  Gotta squeeze in some yoga, help with homework, pick up my car from the shop (all fixed up after this incident) and then back to work.  Wednesdays at work mean fun run!

fun run

That’s from a fun run in the fall when Bart Yasso came.  Our turnouts aren’t usually quite that large.   We were pretty excited that we had 12 people last week.  🙂  The nice weather is definitely helping boost our numbers.  My ankle is FINALLY starting to turn a corner.  The pain has substantially subsided.  It mostly no longer hurts to walk on and I can walk around barefoot for the first time in months without pain.  It still hurts to run on it but at least it’s improving.  I’m going to try taping it tonight for the run to see if that makes any difference.  I’m going to try really hard to try not to spazz out like last week.  We’ll see how that goes.

YAY for productive, busy, running days! 🙂


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