A start to the week

Well, I guess spin class wasn’t meant to be after all.  I got pulled over taking Sean to preschool which is all of two miles from my house.  I guess I was still feeling a little introspective because I was totally lost in thought and had no idea why I was being pulled over.  Apparently I was going a little fast.  Oops.  I was pretty bummed about it, getting a ticket is never a good way to start the week.  But 1. really it’s not a big deal and 2. it’s almost laughable.  I’m kind of feeling like I can’t catch a break right now and when I feel that way, I think laughter is the best policy.  So that was lovely.

I came home from preschool drop off and wallowed a little since it was already too late to make it to the gym before my orthopedist appointment.  I really liked this new doctor.  He took time to listen to my whole boring story and answer my questions.  He looked at my foot and ankle and then walked me through the MRI.  He pretty much said the same thing the podiatrist said.  No stress fracture.  Tendon actually looks pretty good.  Maybe a mild case of tendonitis but nothing bad enough to even show up on the MRI.  And most importantly: go ahead and run.  Music to my ears.   My main concern was that I was doing something horrible to my ankle by running on it.  I now feel reassured that everything looks pretty good and running on it isn’t going to make it fall off.  Yes, that was my main concern.  I will still take it slow and careful.  The brace I got from the podiatrist actually makes my foot feel worse, so I ordered a new one off of Amazon that someone recommended.  Fingers crossed that it works out better.


I’ve actually been using KT tape lately.  I was hoping that it would magically make running pain free.  Spoiler alert: it didn’t.  I wore it for 4 consecutive days and pretty much decided it was a scam.  BUT, I took it off yesterday and didn’t put any back on.  My foot was feeling a little achy today, so this afternoon, I taped it back up.  MUCH BETTER.  So, I guess my take on it is this, it’s not a magic cure but it IS a little added support and is much more comfortable than the big ankle brace I have.  Hopefully the new brace will be more comfy and give me extra support for running, but for daily living and going to the gym, the KT tape seems to be a good option.

And can I just say, I’m such a sucker right now.  You could pretty much sell me anything at the moment if I thought it would help me get back to running normally again.  The doctor asked me if I’d had my Vitamin D levels checked.  I said no, but that I was taking 10,000 IU/day.  He just looked at me.  “Why?”  “Ummmmmm… because someone somewhere told me it might help?  I don’t know.”  He told me to go ahead and keep taking that amount for another month and then to switch to a regular multivitamin.  He didn’t ask about the amount of glucosamine I’m currently taking…

  After I got home, I didn’t feel like going to the gym, so I didn’t.   It’s nice to be a little more relaxed about it these days.  Instead I worked on some projects I’ve been putting off.  Did a little spray painting.  Did a little trim painting.  Did a little cleaning.  Went on our weekly Costco trip.  Bought Zac Brown tickets!  Since my race calendar is sadly lacking in races, I’ve been filling it up with concerts instead.  Cost-wise it’s actually pretty comparable.  All in all, not a bad day.

This morning Sean and I are heading out to meet friends at the lake for some easy miles.  I love Tuesdays. 🙂


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