Three Things Thursday

1. It was such a gorgeous day out yesterday that I decided I NEEDED slurpee.  I think the last time I had one was after a sweaty long run last summer.  They are the perfect post summer run drink, no?  Well there was no running yesterday, but it definitely hit the spot and has me dreaming of some hot summer days by the pool.


2.  I decided not to run/walk today.  I’m taking a few days off, possibly weeks, who knows.  It changes depending on the time of day.  But I just keep telling myself that I had to take off the entire month of May last year (and by take off, I mean, take off, no working out of any kind) and still managed to race well in the fall.  So maybe that’s what I need.  Actually, I have no idea what I need.  What I do know is that after 2 months, I’m still in pain, so it doesn’t make sense to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.  This afternoon I’ll head to the gym for some elliptical time and body pump with my favorite instructor.

3.  Sean and I are meeting a friend at Big Truck Days today.  I’ve never been and I’m pretty sure Sean is going to be crazy excited:

The Town of Herndon’s Department of Public Works hosts its annual “Big Truck Days,” an opportunity for children – and their parents – to see the town’s big trucks and heavy equipment on display.

Sounds like a little boy’s dream to me!  Heading out on a lunch date with my boy before checking out the trucks and there may even be time for a frozen yogurt stop.  I know, I need to slow down.  We’re getting crazy over here. 😉

Happy Thursday!


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