For a while there I was so good about making smart food choices.  I was really focused on staying healthy and fit so I’d be in good shape when I could run again.  Of course, in the last couple weeks, it’s started to feel like that may never happen.  And as my motivation to work out has decreased and my wallowing has increased, my intake of candy has taken a scary jump.

Apparently, my give a damn’s busted.

I woke up this morning in a Hot Tamale induced sugar coma and decided it’s probably time to start caring again.  Because whether I’m running or not, I just feel better when I’m eating better.  Sorry, candy, it’s not you, it’s me!

After an absolutely perfect spring weekend, it’s chilly and rainy again.  I’m meeting a friend at the lake for a walk with the kiddos this morning.  I don’t mind the weather.  I actually hope it’ll hang around as long as possible, I’m not ready for the heat and humidity quite yet.  Although I am ready for the Friday night happy hours at the pool.  I love the community pool we belong to and not JUST because of the happy hours… but they definitely don’t hurt. 😉

Body pump and a dentist appointment are also on today’s schedule.  Sweet Frog used to be on the schedule but it’s been replaced by an apple.  My dentist will be so happy.  My kids?  Not so much.

Happy rainy Tuesday!


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