Mommy Fail

Important mental note: when making plans to walk outside, it would be smart to actually check the weather.  I knew it was rainy, but I thought it was just kind of misty and drippy.  Wrong.  It was full on down pour.  But a. I had already driven to the lake so I figured I might as well get out of the car and b. I was in desperate need of girl talk.  Of course, we could’ve skipped the walk all together and just driven to Starbucks but we are really hardcore… apparently.  Also, one of us is a good mom and one of us not so much.


Yes, there is a kid in that stroller, see:


Remember when I said I didn’t think it was that rainy out?  Yeah, didn’t occur to me to dig out the rain cover.  Oops.  Poor Sean.  He was a trooper and improvised though.  He contorted himself into a human soccer ball and managed to stay relatively dry.  Not a single complaint from that kid.



To be honest, I really like the rain.  I liked that we were pretty much alone out there.  I liked how green everything is.  I liked the sound of the rain in the leaves.  I liked how it looked on the lake.  I would’ve liked to be running instead of walking but the fact is… it didn’t hurt!  I’m not getting my hopes up just yet as it seems like a good day or two is always followed by a painful one.  But I’m thankful for anything I can do on my feet these days that doesn’t hurt.  Tomorrow is mountain bike day and after all this rain it should be a disgusting muddy mess… AWESOME!  Is it weird that I’m even more excited about it now?  Guess I’m just a little kid at heart and the thought of playing in the mud makes me happy.

After we finished our walk, we swung by the house for dry clothes (another example of how completely unprepared I was for the weather) and met up with friends at Starbucks.  Sean hit the jackpot and got a hot chocolate AND an apple fritter.  He deserved a special treat after that soggy stroller ride.  From there, we headed to the gym for a strength class.  The instructor was feeling extra sadistic and had us squat and hold at the bottom for like…. ummmm…. forever.  OUCH.  My quads were on fire BUT I was able to actually do it so I guess that’s progress!

Here’s some middle of the week motivation and my work out motto:


Get it done!


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  1. Jessica says:

    Hahahaha! “One of us is a good mom and one of us is not!” I hadn’t read your blog in a week or so and that one made me laugh out loud. They were both about equally dry when we were done. It was a little icky but still much needed and fun (in a really soggy kind of way!).

  2. It WAS fun! But if it had been about 10 degrees warmer, that would’ve been better. 🙂

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