The Good and The Bad

It has been a week.

That’s really all I can think to say about it.  I’m kind of shell shocked from it actually.  It feels like so much happened that it couldn’t possibly all have been squeezed into 7 days.  These days, I usually feel like time is flying.  Every time I turn around, it feels like another year has gone by.  So it’s kind of strange for time to slow down like that.  And I can’t even tell what kind of week it was.  Good?  Bad?  Not sure, both and neither I guess.  Is that weird?

So, the bad?  Well, nothing really big happened.  Just a lot of little things that aren’t a big deal by themselves, but when they all happen at once you start to feel like someone somewhere clearly put a curse on you.  Dumb stuff.  Like, kids with cavities.  The van failing inspection.  STILL not being able to run.  My bike ride getting cancelled, just to name a few.  And then, when you’re sitting there wallowing about all the crap, you realize that what you’re upset about is so small and inconsequential, that really, it’s not worth being that upset about at all.  Which of course makes you more mad that you were upset about it in the first place.  Totally logical.

And then there’s the good.  There were the constant reminders this week what amazing people I have in my life.  The people who drag me out of my house when I want to hide under my covers.  Who listen, who give me advice, who love me even when I’m a spastic maniac.  I was able to accomplish something pretty big this week that I never would’ve been able to do without the support and encouragement of the people around me.  That’s kind of an amazing thing to wrap my head around actually.  And then finally FINALLY, my foot is starting to feel better.  So I guess in reflecting about it, it actually was a good week.  Emotionally exhausting but that’s not such a bad thing.


And this weekend is definitely awesome, no question.  Lawrence and I have been talking about wanting to get a motorcycle for about 10 years now.  It just never seemed like the right time.  Last week, we decided now was the right time and we signed up to learn how to ride and get our motorcycle licenses.  Friday night, we spent the night in the classroom learning the basics.  Today, we got on the bikes for the first time.


It.was.amazing.  It was also a little trickier than I thought it would be.  I’m not sure when I’ll be comfortable riding somewhere other than a parking lot… or getting higher than second gear, but hey, you have to start somewhere!  Very excited for some fun adventures on the bike… eventually.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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