Just some quick randomness


That was the view from my run last night.  That is why I run.  I wasn’t actually even planning on running.  Last night, I was feeling tired and sick, been dealing with a virus the last few days that’s completely knocked me on my butt.  But we got home from our weekly Costco trip at 7 and I just had to run.  The weather was perfect and the lake called to me.  I’m glad I listened.  It wasn’t completely pain free but it was the most comfortable run I’ve had since February.  It was super slow but I finally felt like I was running normally instead of very obviously favoring my right side.  Before it felt like I was dragging my right leg along for the ride and I could tell my stride was off.  I’m just taking it a day at a time at this point.  I was very happy to wake up this morning to things feeling pretty much the same as they did yesterday, no extra soreness or limping.  Progress!

Progress is also being made in picking out a bike.  We decided we wanted to start out with something used.  So now it’s just about finding the right one for the right price.  We have a couple possibilities we’re looking at and will hopefully be getting one this week!  Very exciting and very scary.

Dentist and gym this morning.  Soccer and neighborhood cook out this afternoon.  The playground right behind our house is currently roped off and being worked on, so we headed down the street to the playground in the neighborhood adjacent to ours Sunday evening.  They have a great set up there because the playground sits in front of the houses and forms a common area that you walk out your front door to.  We met a bunch of people and got invited to their weekly Tuesday cookouts, just bring a side and beer.  Wait, what?  Weekly Tuesday cookouts?  Grilling and beer?  Awesome!  There were about 30 kids running around.  It should be a good time.

Really looking forward to hitting up the gym this morning.  Hello motivation!  I missed you and am glad you’re back!


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