Cook outs and Work outs

Lawrence and I have always been a little jealous of some friends of ours.  They live at the end of a cul de sac on a street with a lot of other families.  Every Friday night, all the neighbors meet outside and socialize.  The kids ride their bikes or play hide and seek  while the adults have a drink and hang out.  We’ve always thought it would be really cool to live in a neighborhood like that.  Last night, we realized that we already do.  After soccer we headed down to the playground at the bottom of our street.  We ate.  The kids ran around.  We played a very competitive game of cornhole (which I’m still too bitter to talk about).  And we met a lot of very fun people.  The best part was not having to get in the car.  When we were ready to go, we just walked home.  I see a lot of Tuesday night cook outs in our future.

I watched the kids on the playground during Lauren’s soccer practice yesterday afternoon.  Sean asked if I could take pictures of him on the monkey bars.  Here’s what he did:


Move to the next bar and then:


Stop and pose for the camera.  He cracks me up.  You can kind of tell in that picture that his lip is all swollen.  He had his cavities filled yesterday and I’m pretty sure he bit his lip while it was numb.  Poor guy.

I also took my normal Tuesday strength class yesterday.  I can tell it’s been a week since I’ve done any sort of weights.  My booty is seriously sore this morning after all the squats and lunges yesterday.  I also spent some time on the elliptical and was a whole lot less bitter than normal.  I was happy that a. I had gone running the day before and b. I’m going to be biking/running today.  One day on the elliptical?  Not bitter.  Weeks on the elliptical?  New levels of bitterness.  Today’s workout is one loop around the lake on the bike to warm up.  Run a loop.  Bike as many loops as we can fit in.  Between loops there will be some push ups, squats or whatever else we feel compelled to do.  I’m excited, it’ll be a good change of pace from the gym.

So glad to be up and running again.  Hopefully I can keep my spastic self in check so I don’t hurt myself.  Time will tell!


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