This is now a motorcycle blog and my new tattoo

I am sore.  Why am I sore?  Because I rode the motorcycle for probably close to 5 hours yesterday, not all at once, but on and off throughout the day.  It is addicting.  It’s also interesting how quickly I felt comfortable on the bike.  The first time I got on the bike yesterday, I was terrified.  I started off by just letting the clutch out until it started to move the bike, move forward 10 feet, put the bike in neutral, back up, repeat 50 times.  Somehow, by the end of last night, I was in Woodbridge.  How did that happen?

 I started just riding around in front of my house, up and down our street, over and over.  But after a while of doing that, I realized I was going to have to get gas.  Getting gas requires getting on an actual road.  I figured as long as I was getting on an actual road, I might as well head over to the high school where there are a lot of big flat empty parking lots.  I wanted to make sure there weren’t a lot of cars on the road, so I waited until about 9:30 and headed to the gas station.  I seriously couldn’t have been more proud of myself for making it there.  I gave myself a gold star.

There were actually a lot of people at the high school.  Kids getting back from away games and getting picked up or getting in their cars.  At one point I had parked the bike and was standing next to it taking a break.  A car with 4 high school boys drove by with the windows down.  Here’s what I heard: “Wow, look, she’s got a motorcycle.  Wait!  That’s a mom!”  HAHA!  I laughed.  Motorcycle Mom.  That’s me!

Once I got sick of the parking lots, I started riding around in the neighborhoods around my house and then onto some roads where I could get a little more speed.  Nothing crazy but it’s actually easier to ride once you actually get going (and by that I mean over 25 mph).  All in all, I put 87 miles on the bike yesterday.  And I’m glad I did because it’s supposed to rain for the next few days.  Although, that didn’t stop us from taking it out for a little bit today.  Back to the parking lot for more turning practice.


After we’d had enough rainy riding, we sat down and picked out the tattoos we’re getting to commemorate this step in our lives.  Just kidding. 😉  When I told my friend we were getting a bike, she asked when Lawrence and I were getting matching tattoos.  So in case you were wondering, I don’t see tattoos in our future.

I’m heading out for a little slow rainy running this afternoon and then we’re meeting some friends in Old Town Alexandria for dinner.  My ankle continues to slowly slowly slowly feel better.  The 50 miler that I was supposed to run is 2 weeks from today.  I finally accepted the fact that even starting it would be silly.  My foot is in no condition to handle the distance and it would be an exercise in pain and frustration to run it.  So my goal to run a 50 miler will go on the back burner while I continue to heal and look ahead to my fall races.  I still often wonder if I’ll ever run like I did before this injury.  I try not to think too hard about it or let it get me down but I won’t lie, of course it does.  I think about what I could’ve and should’ve done differently and kick myself for being so compulsive about running when I knew I should’ve been resting.  And actually, being injured in general is probably the best thing that could’ve happened to me.  I needed to stop.  I just wish it could’ve been a different injury… a fast healing one.

But enough of that.  At least I can run lightly again which I definitely couldn’t do at all a few weeks ago.  Slow progress is better than no progress!  (But I wouldn’t mind a little fast progress either. 😉 )  Patience.  Need to get me some.


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  1. Alice says:

    You are so much cooler than I am 🙂

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