Lots of running!

Sean has one week of preschool left and then it’s off to kindergarten in the fall!  It’s crazy for me to think about.  How did he go from this:


to this:


How???  Oh and on a side note, I clipped his hair last night so he can now see again.  Poor shaggy Sean.  I’ve been wanting to buzz his hair but Lawrence isn’t quite ready for that.  Brendan had the same hair cut when he was little and once we cut it short, he looked so much more grown up.  It kind of signified the transition from baby to little boy.  Lawrence needs a little more time to prepare for that moment.  Me?  I guess I’m ready.  Long hair or short, our baby is growing up and short hair is easier to cut. 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of running lately.  Too much?  I don’t know.  None of it’s particularly fast or long and my foot feels the same as it always does, so I guess it’s fine.  I ran twice on Tuesday and then twice on Wednesday.  I met my friends at the lake Wednesday for a run/walk.  As long as I keep it slow, things feel pretty good.  I was actually planning to take a spin class Wednesday morning.  But as I was driving to the gym, the closer I got, the more I was dreading it.  The thought of one more minute on the spin bike made me feel sick to my stomach.  I actually don’t mind spinning.  I might even LIKE it occasionally.  But obviously given the choice, I’d much rather run.  I knew my friends were meeting at the lake and I was weighing the pros and cons of another day of double runs.  All of a sudden I was making a u-turn and heading to meet them.  I’m glad I did.  It was good for my head.  Some days it’s good for me to suck it up and get a particular workout done but sometimes, it’s good to take a break, get some space and press reset.  I’ll get back to spinning on a day when I’m less negative about it.

Wednesday night, I ran with the group at the running store for the first time in weeks.  I’m slow and out of shape.  BUT, I’m running!  It was the smallest Wednesday night group in a while.  It worked out well though.  I paired up with a friend for a good run filled with serious conversation.  Poor girl didn’t know what she was in for when she got stuck with me.  And I am not a fan of humidity.  I am so not ready for it to settle in already.  While I know I run badly when it’s super humid, I guess I block out just how bad it feels to run in it.  On the plus side, I’m still so happy to be able to run at all, that the humidity is only annoying instead of totally misery inducing.  Talk to me in a month when it’s humid AND 90 degrees out and my tune will probably change.  In any case, 8.5 run/walk miles for the day, not bad.

I met up with a friend for our usual Therapy Thursday at the lake.  We usually do a run/walk but since I had done so much mileage in the previous two days, she agreed to skip the run part and just walk with me.  True friend!  Today, I’m going to head out for 2-4 miles around the lake by my house, haven’t decided which yet.  It’s pretty cool out today so I kind of feel like I need to take advantage of the weather while I can.  I’ll make a game time decision, keep it exciting. 😉

This weekend is full of soccer games, concerts, pool, and work.  Good stuff!  Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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