Costco, Preschool, and Tim McGraw

So, apparently, I should never ever go to Costco alone without a plan.  Usually we all go to Costco during Brendan’s soccer practice on Monday which keeps me from going totally buck wild.  But since Monday was Memorial day, practice was cancelled.  So Wednesday, I took Brendan to soccer while Lawrence took the other three to the pool for swim practice.  That left me 1.5 hours ALONE in Costco.  That never happens.  This time of year is always completely crazy for us.  Soccer practice is still going and we have swim team every day.  It’s a lot of running around and getting home late.  Dinner is tricky since I don’t usually have a lot of time to make anything.  So we need dinners that can be made in the crock pot or that can be made and on the table in 15 minutes or less.  As I was wandering around Costco, I was just randomly throwing stuff in my cart.  Stuff we never buy.  Stuff we may not eat.  Such an odd combination of food that after spending nearly $300, I’m not sure we have enough ingredients for one full meal.  But actually, smoked salmon, watermelon and beef jerky sound like a good dinner combination to me.  And Pop Tarts for dessert.  Why not?

I lucked out with some amazing timing Wednesday morning.  We had a 10-12 delivery window for our washer and dryer.  I was running a little behind on my run and knew I wasn’t going to make it back home by 10, but what was the likelihood they were going to show up right at 10 anyway?  I forgot my Garmin, but think I did about 4 miserably hot, sticky, sweaty miles and immediately jumped in my car and headed home.  I pulled in around 10:20 and the door bell rung at 10:25.  That was fortunate.  So now the mountain of dirty laundry that had been accumulating since our dryer broke, is now dwindling.  The pile of clean clothes that need to be folded and put away is quite frightening.  I will happily pay someone in beef jerky and pop tarts to come fold my laundry.  What?  If that’s not incentive, I don’t know what is.

I had planned to run at the running store Wednesday night but my ankle has been extra sore since my 6 miles on Monday and my run Wednesday morning didn’t go that well, so I decided to skip it.  On the plus side it was like 90 degrees and miserable out, so I would’ve been a puddle on the sidewalk anyway.  WHEN WILL THIS STOP HURTING???  Okay, sorry, just had to get that out.  It may be time for me to think about taking up another hobby.  Archery?  Sewing?  I think I may be too spastic for those things.  Will have to keep thinking on it.  But I’ve decided no more running for a while.  It definitely can’t be helping me heal.  At least the pool is open so if I ever feel compelled, I can swim some laps.  I rarely feel compelled, but at least I have the option.

Yesterday was the usual.  Run/walk at the lake (which from here on out will be a walk/walk), lunch with Lawrence, Sweet Frog date with Sean, laundry, 3 hours at the pool for swim team, dinner, laundry, sleep.

Today is Sean’s last day of preschool.  My baby is off to kindergarten in the fall.  That is kind of huge.  Not only because he’s growing up so fast, obviously that’s the case.  But it also means that all of my kids will be on the same schedule next year.  It means no more preschool payments!  Let’s see, we’ve had kids in preschool continuously for the last 6 years, and about half of that time, we had two kids enrolled.  That’s a lot of preschool tuition.  It means that all my kids will be in school all day next year.  And THAT means I think I’m ready to go back to work full time.  Doing what and where is still up in the air, but it’s definitely a discussion we’re having.  It means starting a new chapter in life.  It means diapers and play dates are replaced by designer clothes and date dates.  Am I ready?  Probably not.  I was watching Brendan’s swim practice last night and realized just how much he’s grown over the last year.  He’s a head taller than some of the boys that were taller than he was last summer.  He’s nearly as tall as me.  He’s a young man.  Not sure when that happened.  Time is a funny thing.  In some ways, this feels like yesterday:


Brendan, October 2000

In other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago.  I guess it kind of was.  I don’t even remember the girl I was at 21 (which, consequently, is probably a good thing).  As cliche as it is, they really do grow up too fast.

Okay, enough of that.  After I drop Sean off, I’m heading back to spin class for the first time in over a week.  I’m hoping to rediscover (or discover for the first time) my love of spin, since it looks like that’s what I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future.  I love spin.  I love spin.  I love spin.  If I say it enough, it’ll be true, right?  And although tomorrow, I won’t be lining up to run my first 50 miler (sniff sniff), I WILL be hanging out with Tim McGraw and a few thousand other people at Jiffy Lube Live, so that’s some consolation.

Have a great weekend!


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