Another DNS in the books

I was so excited for 2013.  After some huge running break throughs in the fall, I thought I could use that momentum to see some PR’s this spring.  I had big plans and goals for the year.  Obviously, things have changed quite a bit since January.  I ran more miles in January than March-May combined.  I’ve seen race after race I’d signed up for come and go with me sitting on the sideline.  Today is the last spring race on my calendar that I’m DNS’ing (did not start for all you non running geeks).  I was pretty bummed about it.  Especially when I saw this on facebook yesterday:


Don’t those trails just make you want to go out and run?!  The big consolation for me is that it’s hot today.  HOT HOT.  Anyone who has ever run with me in the heat knows that I do not run well when it’s hot (that’s a slight understatement).  I thought I was going to die of heat stroke during a 4 miler last June.  Even if I was in the best shape of my life, could I have made it through 50 miles in 85+ degree heat?  Possibly, but it would’ve been really whiny.  And sweaty.  My pacer is probably thanking God today that he gets to miss out on that disaster.  I can only imagine how lovely I would’ve been around mile 35.

He did suggest I see a chiropractor.  And funny thing is that I read a blog post a couple months ago about a chiropractor in the area.  It’s not a blog I read regularly, so I randomly saw that post and remembered it.  A sign?  Could be.  Anyway, she was gushing about how amazing he is.

“And that is when I found Dr. Wong.  From the very first time I saw him just about two years ago, I knew I was in the best possible hands.  THIS is what people talk about when they talk about having a good chiropractor.  The thing is, I believe without a doubt that I would not be where I am today as a runner, or really as a person, if Dr. Wong were not a part of my journey.”

That’s a pretty glowing recommendation.  So today, I looked him up.  Here’s some info from his bio:

“His distinctive sports medicine treatment approach appeals to and successfully helped professional and elite athletes as well as the weekend warriors.

Experienced treating injuries and conditions associated with long-distance/marathon injuries. Dr. Wong has provided ART® service multiple sporting events including the Marine Corp Marathon, Nation’s Marathon and Nation’s Triathlon along with other local races.”

Ummmm… seriously?  This is like a match made in chiropractor heaven!  Well, at least I hope it’ll be.  I have an appointment in two weeks and am praying that this is will get me on the road to healing and back to running.

Yesterday we went to the first Friday happy hour at the pool of the season!  We go to these pretty much every Friday in the summer.  The kids swim, Lawrence and I chat with friends, we order dinner, it’s perfect.


Pizza was on the menu last night.

Instead of suffering through 50 miles this morning, I went to the gym and got on the elliptical for 25 minutes before going to a strength class.  Didn’t give me quite the same rush racing does, but it also didn’t hurt as much, so I guess that’s something.

We’re heading out shortly to go over to my brother’s house to grill out before the concert.  So excited to see Tim McGraw!  It will be fun to see which concert I like better.  It will be seriously hard to beat Eric Church though, he’s the front runner for now!

Have a great weekend!


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