One of those nights?


Oh Tim, I wanted to love you, I really did.  When you walked through the crowd to get to the stage in your skin tight see through black shirt and black cowboy hat, I thought we were getting ready for one amazing concert.  But then you started playing…. and we had no idea what we were hearing.  And the people on the lawn were all standing there looking around wondering if we accidentally took a wrong turn into a different concert.  I’ve never seen the lawn so dead.  Everyone was sitting.  They were checking their phones.  Taking naps.  We saw two women who looked like they were having a very serious existential conversation in the middle of the concert.  We were chatting with the people in front of us and they mentioned seeing Kenny Chesney last week and knowing every song he played.  We agreed.  Kenny played a much better set than Tim McGraw did.  It’s not that the music was bad, it’s just that no one knew any of it.  If you go to a concert, you go to hear the songs you love.  And Tim McGraw has a TON.  I mean, sure, play a new song or two but stick to the hits please!  He finally played some of his good stuff at the end and during the encore.  And all of a sudden, the lawn got a whole lot more fun.  Everyone was on their feet singing along.  That’s what we were all waiting for and why we bought tickets in the first place!

The other thing about Tim Mcgraw, he was doing a lot of umm, strange and suggestive moves… and they were just hilarious.  We were all looking around at each other like, did he just do that?  What on EARTH is he DOING?  I can’t even describe it, but it involved a lot of crotch and was just plain weird.  On the plus side, it was highly amusing so I guess from an entertainment standpoint, that wins him points.

You know what else was highly amusing?  The people watching.  There’s no better place for it than a country concert.  The outfits!  Oh the outfits!  A lot of times we were just left wondering if people actually look in the mirror before they leave the house.  We also wondered how a lot of the girls were going to sit on the lawn in the dresses they were sporting.  Maybe that means we’re old?  That we actually consider how practical an outfit is when getting dressed.  I’m okay with that.

Weird play list aside, we had a great time last night.  After the sun went down, the weather was perfect.  There were six of us spread out on blankets just hanging out, so really, it didn’t even matter what the concert was.  Just good drinks, good friends and good times.  And then there was the mango italian ice.  Tasty.



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  1. Alice says:

    Didn’t I tell you that all that healthy food and four hours of woking out a day to maintain an eight pack would have to have made him him a bit strange?

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