Happy Run Day!

Happy Hump Day!  Did you know that it’s national running day?  Because it is.  And I’m going on 1 week of absolutely no running.  The annoying part about it is that it doesn’t actually seem to make much difference.  Ankle feels pretty much exactly the same as it did last week when I was running lightly on it.  But I’m going to be good and not run on it until I see the chiropractor.  I’m also debating whether I should go back to the orthopedist.  Part of me wants to wait until I see the chiropractor but even so, it can take a while to get an appointment, so maybe I should go ahead and make one for a few days after I see Dr. Wong.  That way I can cancel it if I decide I don’t want to go after all.  But I’ve been wondering lately if a cortisone shot might be the next thing to try.  Then I remember that would involve a big needle and push that thought out of my head for a little longer.  But actually, at this stage of things, if I thought something would actually help, I’d happily do it.  The not knowing when/IF this will ever heal enough for me to run again is so hard.  I’m having a really hard time staying positive or motivated right now.

Yesterday, we had a little excitement at the lake.  I met my friend to walk like I normally do on Tuesday.  We were having a nice chat when we came up to this woman carrying a baby in a backpack and a man carrying a little boy who was covered in blood.  We found out the little boy, who looked 2 or 3, fell running down the path and hit his head.  Heads bleed a lot.  The man who was carrying him was just someone on the path who saw it happen and stepped in to help.  They were still a ways from the parking lot, so we had Sean get out of the stroller and let them use it.  We walked with them to the parking lot and waited until the ambulance came.  Luckily, he was fine, was probably going to need a couple of stitches but thankfully nothing more serious than that.  So that was the eventful end to our walk yesterday.

After the lake, Sean and I headed to the gym to take my strength class.  I had hoped to squeeze in a little elliptical before class but just ran out of time.  I like this particular class because a lot of the moves she has us do burn a lot and I’m masochistic like that.  From there we headed to Costco where my day was completely ruined.  I was really looking forward to trying the new salad.  This salad:


I went to order it and apparently they pulled it that morning!  He didn’t know why other than there was something wrong with it.  Not sure what that means but I’m kind of glad we didn’t make our normal Monday night trip to Costco.  Not sure I would’ve wanted to find out exactly what was “wrong” with it.  To console myself, I ordered one of these:


Here’s the text conversation Lawrence and I had about it:

Me: Don’t worry, I bought a berry sundae to console myself

L: I figured, only eating half though, right?

Me: Duh. It doesn’t count if you only eat half.

L: Gotcha.

That’s true right?  Plus strawberries are good for you.  It’s fine.

We had a really good turnout at the neighborhood happy hour last night, probably something to do with the absolutely gorgeous weather.  I wish it would hang on for a few weeks, but I know I need to enjoy it now because the heat and humidity will be back shortly.

Off to spin this morning and then meeting a friend for lunch.  Have a good day and run a mile for me! 🙂


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