Thankful Thursday

1.  SO thankful for a gorgeous day spent outside with friends.  Sean and I met up with a friend at Fairfax Corner yesterday.


The weather was perfect to sit outside, sunny and breezy.  It got a little chilly for the boys in water, so they took regular breaks to warm up on the bricks.


There was some discussion about getting hot chocolate to warm up.  But after laying in the sun for a little bit, they decided that ice cream sounded good after all.


They had a very serious and very detailed Angry Birds conversation over ice cream.  These boys know their angry birds.

2.  In celebration of National Running Day, I went to my Wednesday night running group last night… sort of.  Running group starts at 7 and I showed up at 7:30.  I figured that I wouldn’t be tempted to run but I’d still get to see everyone.  So when they came back, we had a beer and did some catching up.  And we laughed… a lot.  It made me realize again how thankful I am for all the people I’ve met through running.  In fact, the friend I met at Fairfax Corner yesterday was another friend I met through running.  We started running together about 7 years ago through See Mommy Run.  Back then I only had 3 kids and was pushing my big old double stroller… and I’m left wondering yet again where the time went… and how on earth I ever managed to push that thing.

3.  I FINALLY got my Richmond Marathon shirt!!!  This makes me ridiculously happy.  The back story on that is that a friend picked up my bib for the Richmond marathon and forgot to give me my shirt.  I PR’d in Richmond.  It was kind of an amazing race for me.  I feel like even if WHEN I PR again, that race will still have special meaning for me.  Mostly I don’t care about race shirts, but there are a few that I will always hold onto.  And Richmond is one of them.   So I was very sad that I never got the shirt.  I mentioned all of that a few weeks ago at running group and one of the guys there said I could just have his.  “Luckily” <ah hem> we’re the same size.

4.  I took the kids to swim practice yesterday and just love our pool.  And I love swim team.  Having our kids learn how to swim early has always been important to Lawrence and I.  It’s fun to see how far they’ve come and it’s also nice to be able to go to the pool with 4 kids who are water safe.


Plus, our pool community is just pretty awesome.  Such a fun fun group.

5.  I really like what’s going on in country music right now.  I just keep hearing tons of songs that I love.  Currently, A Little Bit of Everything by Keith Urban is my song on repeat.  I absolutely love it.

“I don’t need too much of nothing.

I just want to sing a little chill song,

get my groove on,

pour something strong down in my drink.

Oh I know that I don’t need a whole lot of anything

I just want a little big of everything.”

So those are just a few things that I’m thankful for today.  I’m heading to the gym to take a class and then picking up Lawrence and heading out to lunch.  Gonna try to squeeze a little yoga in today.  My ankle’s been feeling really tight and stiff lately so hopefully a little stretching will be good for it.  I’m working tonight and then heading over to a friend’s house for a little wine and girl talk.  Good stuff.

What are you thankful for today?


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