I love spinning!

I’m tried to get myself excited for spin class this morning.  This was the third day in a row of spin for me and the thought of one more hour on that bike kind of made me die a little inside.  I was thinking about why I was dreading spin so much and I think part of it is because it’s always hard for me.  When I’m running, I have easy days and runs that don’t feel taxing at all.  They recharge me and make me ready for another day of hard running.  I know if every run was miserably hard, I would probably dread running too.  And that’s why I shouldn’t do spin every day.  When I’m in a class setting and the instructor is looking at me when she says give me a big turn to the right, or when she’s yelling out inspirational phrases like “YES YOU CAN!” and “CAN YOU GIVE MORE?!” I feel like I HAVE to give a big turn and I HAVE to pedal faster because I don’t want to look like I’m slacking off.  You know, because I’m sure everyone else in the class really cares what I’m doing.  But that’s actually why I go to classes in the first place, they inspire me to work harder than I would on my own.  Usually I would’ve skipped today and ellipticaled (I’m sure that’s a word) but 1. Friday is my favorite spin class because the instructor is seriously amazing and 2. as much as I wasn’t exactly looking forward to spin, the thought of the elliptical was even worse.  As it turns out, the instructor today was a sub but I’m still glad I went and it was still a heck of a lot better than an hour on the elliptical.

So, that was a long boring way to say, I miss running.  On the plus side, things have been feeling really good lately.  The tendon is still sore, particularly in the evening, but I can tell it’s improving.  So, hopefully another couple weeks of no running plus chiropractor magic will get me out of the spin studio and back to the trails before I totally lose my mind.  On top of the tendon thing, I definitely did something to my right hamstring when I ran 6 miles a couple weeks ago, which was kind of the reason I decided to stop trying to run.  I was compensating for the pain in my ankle by running all crazy.  There were a couple moves in yoga yesterday that were pretty painful because my hamstring is jacked up.  Hopefully a few weeks off will fix that as well.  Yes, I’m a huge mess.  On the plus side, I’m feeling a lot more optimistic than I’ve felt about this injury in a long time which makes not running feel okay.

Enough of that.  Yesterday after the gym, I picked up Lawrence and we went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  We had fun with the ball of dough the waitress brought Sean to play with.


After our lunches came, Sean decided he wasn’t going to eat his taco because it came with lettuce and tomatoes… THE HORROR.  He made sure we knew he wasn’t happy about the situation.


The rest of the day was filled with yoga, work and wine.  Not a bad combination.  This morning after spin I met some friends for coffee, then met my sister-in-law for lunch.  (I might be slightly spoiled.)  I’m looking forward to a relaxing night-in tonight.  We’re doing a family movie night.  Not sure what movie we’re going to watch yet but there will definitely be comfy pj’s, popcorn, and candy involved.  Kind of perfect for this rainy day.  So glad the weekend is here!


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