Date Night

Well, we didn’t make it out for a walk after I got home from work yesterday.  Mostly because I was lazy and didn’t feel like it.  Instead we decided to use a gift certificate we’ve had for a while and go out to dinner.  Not sure it was the healthiest choice, but it was definitely the tastier option.  We started off with a couple of these:


And dinner was one of these:


We went to the Peking Gourmet Inn and you really can’t go there without getting the Peking duck.  At least you shouldn’t, it’s kind of amazing.

I found out last night where Sean gets his angry look.


Lawrence wasn’t actually angry, I can’t remember what that look was for, possibly a put away that camera and stop taking pictures of me look.  (He just looked at the picture and clarified that that was actually his inquisitive look.)  But the resemblance is uncanny.

Work yesterday was really good.  Busy enough to make the day go by fast but not so busy it felt crazy.  I had some fun conversations about races and training.  I was talking to one guy who does ultra marathons.  He recently ran the Massanutten 100 miler.  I asked him how it went.  His answer: “It went really well!  Well, I mean, apparently I passed out, but I don’t remember that, so I thought it was really good.”  Huh?!  I love runners.  In what other sport do you pass out and then get up and run another 30 miles?  And come away feeling like it was a GOOD experience.  Right after he left, I started researching ultras again.  Is it strange that that conversation just confirmed my desire to finish a 50 miler?  I’m going to try REALLY HARD not to sign up for anything right now.  I told myself I needed to stop registering for races until I was up and running again.  But I’m feeling so good right now, it’s hard.  Calm down, Tara.  You have time.

Actually, that’s apparently up for debate.  My fortune from last night:


I’m not sure what it means, but I’m not feeling good about it.

Lawrence and I are finally going to go on our walk this morning.  Looking forward to some pool time today and am going to try to squeeze in a little yoga at some point.  Nice and relaxing.  Perfect! 🙂


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