Why, Garmin, Why???

Finally, walk success!  We did a little 4 miler around the lake by our house.  It was a little humid and muggy but felt good to be outside moving.  I wore my Garmin because the poor thing needed to get out of the house too.  It’s been awhile.  After the second mile, a message popped up on the screen that the lap memory was full, delete old laps.  Does this make anyone else sad?  No?  Only me?  Oh well.  I just hate deleting old runs.  I never go back and look at them and mostly don’t remember any specific training run but still, I like knowing all that data is there on my watch.  All my hard work documented there for me to look at if I ever felt compelled to do so.  The fact that I’ve never felt compelled to do so is totally irrelevant.  And most of the runs are documented on daily mile anyway.  But still.  It reminds me of the time I got rid of our train table.  Brendan was the only one of my children who was ever into Thomas the tank engine.  One day, after the train table had sat unused for 3 years, I decided to get rid of it.  Aside from the fact that no one used it, we just didn’t have the space for it.  As I was carrying it out, I remember Brendan saying, “Why are you getting rid of my memories??!!”  That’s what I felt like yelling at my Garmin.  Stupid watch, don’t erase my memories!

In order to get over the betrayal of my Garmin, I spent the afternoon relaxing at the pool.  Okay, I was going to do that anyway.  We were there for 4.5 hours and I didn’t hear a peep from the kids the entire time.  No whining.  No fighting.  No asking to leave.  While they were busy with their friends, I got to chat with a good friend of mine.  And that is why I love the pool.

This morning, I’m heading back to the gym after a weekend off.  Planning to do some elliptical and take my regular Monday class.  Since I never actually managed to do yoga yesterday, I’m going to try again to squeeze it in before we head to soccer and Costco tonight.  I know the stretching is good for me, but it’s just hard to find the time.  I figure even if I don’t make it through the entire 90 minutes, some yoga is still better than no yoga.  1.5 weeks of no running and I’m feeling really great!  1 week until I see the chiropractor, very optimistic at this point that running is in my near future.

Happy Monday! 🙂


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