Best Compliment Ever

Yesterday I made a serious scheduling error.  I should’ve gotten up and gone to the gym early but I didn’t realize that until it was already too late.  Because of that I had to go to the gym AFTER my hair appointment.  That’s just bad planning.  My hair looked cute for all of 30 minutes.  On the plus side, my motivation is back!  Working out trumped cute hair, that’s a BIG deal.  I did 15 minutes on the elliptical / 15 minutes on the stairmill x 2.  The 15 minutes on the elliptical flew by and the 15 minutes on the stairmill felt like an hour.  I like that workout because I get to change machines before I get too miserably bored.  But holy cow do I get sweaty on the stairmill.  That machine gets my heart rate up like no other.


This picture is blurry because my feet were moving so lightning fast…. just kidding, it’s because every muscle in my body was shaking and I was trying not to fall off the back of the machine.  But it’s been so long since I’ve been on it, I needed to have photographic evidence that it actually happened.

I came home and got through 30 minutes of yoga.  I’m not sure why I’m having such hard time making it through the whole dvd.  I think it’s probably time to change it up and buy a different one.  It’s not even because it’s hard, I usually stop because I’m bored and don’t feel like doing it any more.  I guess that’s why I usually opt for classes at the gym when I can.  I do much better in a group atmosphere.

The neighborhood cookout was really fun last night.  It was the biggest one we’ve been to so far.  And I got the best compliment ever.  Someone told me I was looking really buff and asked how many times a week I go to the gym.  Seriously, I’m circling yesterday on my calendar.  That is huge for me because I’ve always cringed away from any type of upper body weights.  My shoulders in particular were so weak, I had trouble holding planks because my shoulders would give out way before anything else.  So all the hard work I’ve put in in my strength classes has been paying off.  It somewhat lessens the blow of the loss of running fitness.  Speaking of running, I’m thinking about signing up for a trail race next month.  Look at me being all optimistic!  Wait… didn’t I say a few days ago I wasn’t going to sign up for any more races?  Clearly you can’t believe anything I say when it comes to running.  Things are feeling really good, sore but good.  And I have high hopes for the chiropractor.  Probably a little too high.  But hope is a good thing.  The nice thing about the race I’m looking at is it’s super cheap and has 4 different distances, 10k to 50k.  While I would love to do the 25k, I’m okay with something shorter.  And I’m not actually going to register for a while.  They have race day registration which is perfect for those of us who’ve already wasted hundreds in race entry fees for races we couldn’t run.

After we got everyone home and in bed, Lawrence and I went over to the high school so I could practice on the bike.  It was a disaster!  I don’t know what happened but I’m a mess on it right now.  I rode for maybe a total of 10 minutes and then was done.  The fear of the bike has totally taken away the joy I felt on it.  I’m not sure what to do about this.  I really want to ride it so I’m not ready to give up just yet.  I guess I just need to keep getting back on it again and again until I find my confidence.

A little randomness.  We went to Costco on Monday night like we normally do.  We managed to get out of there without too many spontaneous purchases but we couldn’t pass these up.


Seriously, if you like bread and butter pickles, you have to get these.  So tasty.

This morning Sean and I are heading to the lake to meet up with friends and then have a play date this afternoon.

Happy Hump Day!



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