Summer is here!

It’s been a busy couple of days around here.  Friday, I went for a run before my appointment with Dr. Wong and instead of the 4 miles I had planned, the loop I picked turned out to be 5.3 miles… oops.  The first couple of miles felt great.  It was the first time I was able to comfortably run a little faster.  I had been having a lot of issues trying to increase speed at all because anything close to a 9 minute pace hurt… a lot.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see my splits through mile 4: 8:28, 7:58, 8:12, 8:42.  Okay, so I could use some lessons in pacing but compared to what I’ve been doing, I’ll take it.  And then there was mile 5.  I’m not sure if it was because I was tired or because I had planned to do 4 miles and wasn’t mentally ready for 5 but holy cow I died.  Mile 5 was 9:48.  I had to walk up 2 hills.  The good part in all of that is that I was still incredibly happy with my run.  6 months ago, I would’ve beaten myself up for a day over walking.  I would’ve considered the whole run a failure.  I probably would’ve had to go on another run later in the day to make up for that run.  Now, I’m just happy to be out there.  I’m happy to have a body that’s healthy enough to make it 5 miles.  I’m happy for every sweaty step because it was a long road to get back out there.

Speaking of which, still loving the chiropractor.  After making it back just as swim practice was ending, we hopped in the car and after a quick change into some dry clothes (it’s the least I could do), I headed off to see Dr. Wong.  First he hooked me up to a muscle stimulator.


Does anyone else love these as much as I do?  I asked him if I could take it home with me.  He said no.  I’m pretty sure I’m his favorite patient.  I like to ask him a bunch of questions.  Does that feel swollen?  What are you doing?  Why does that hurt?  Did you find something there?  Can I do a 10 mile long run this weekend?  He’s told me at least 5 times that I’m not allowed to over analyze anything he’s doing.  Hmmm…. clearly he doesn’t know me that well.  Over analyzing is what I do best.  Luckily, he’s a very patient man and hasn’t banned me from the practice yet.  He gave me permission to run 4 times per week.  Did I mention how much I love him?

Saturday we had our first swim meet of the season.  The kids did amazing!  Brendan, Ryan, and Lauren all swam best times and Sean cheered his little heart out.  I took about 5 million pictures and will be spending the entire summer sorting through them.

Saturday afternoon we headed off to Merriweather to see Zac Brown.  Hands down the best concert we’ve been to.  They were seriously amazing.


Did a little tailgating, hanging out on the lawn, and singing along to my favorite songs.  If Zac Brown and Eric Church were to go on tour together, that would make my year.

Yesterday, I got up early and met some friends at the lake for a run.  I should occasionally check the weather before I leave the house.  As I was driving there, it started drizzling a  little.  No big deal.  I parked and it started pouring.  I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain, so glad I wore my brand-spanking-new shoes.  Good thing I like getting my shoes dirty because we were ankle deep in water at points on the trail.  Since I was feeling a little tired and dehydrated from Saturday, I was actually grateful for the rain.  I would’ve been a total disaster if it had been hot and humid.  I did 6.5 miles and called it a day.  My foot still hurts while I run so I’m trying not to push it too much.  Just trying to remember: patience.

Headed back to Dr. Wong today and a swim meet tonight.  Hoping to squeeze a little gym time in this afternoon.  With the humidity at approximately 400%, all of a sudden the elliptical doesn’t seem so bad.

Happy Monday!


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