You know what makes me feel hardcore?  This:


Sunday when I was running in the torrential downpour, I got a lot of grit in my socks from the ankle deep puddles.  The back of my heel got a little cut up.  I put on a bandaid and headed out for my run yesterday.  When I got back, I looked down at my shoes and noticed all the blood.  The actual cut is tiny but the shoes and socks look all bad ass to me.  Like, I suffered some massive leg trauma and just kept running.  Yeah, I’m tough, don’t mess with me.  I won’t show you a picture of the actual cut, it’s just embarrassing.

I did the same loop I did Friday but in reverse.  I think the hills might be a little easier in that direction.  Also, going that way meant I ran in the sun at the beginning of the run and in shade at the end which was a big thing with the nasty humidity.  The run actually went really well.  Foot is still sore as is my hip but whatever.  My splits: 8:21, 8:42, 8:37, 8:09, 8:04.  Four and Five were my fastest miles.  They were probably also the easiest as far as hills go, but whatever.  I definitely felt better than I did when I ran that loop a few days ago, so that’s good.  Unfortunately when I got back to the pool, I was noticeably limping and continued to do so for the next few hours.  Since my next appointment with Dr. Wong isn’t until next Wednesday, I decided I would try to get an appointment for Friday if it was still hurting today.  Fortunately, as I was walking into Target yesterday afternoon, I felt something in my foot shift and I could walk again.  Weird.  Dr. Wong told me it would take a little while to retrain things or something like that.  I’m hoping once I’ve been seeing him for a little longer things will stop shifting around so much.

Last night we went to our cookout.  We had a pretty big group and my favorite new addition, a sound system!  Okay, someone just brought out a stereo but music was the perfect addition to the party.  I impressed everyone with my awesome dance moves.  Just kidding, that would’ve been truly frightening.  After we got everyone home and showered (it was a gross sticky night!), I headed over to a friend’s house for a little wine and conversation.  It was good.  I think everyone needs a little wine/friend therapy in their life.

Tonight I have the group run at the running store, but for a change we have NOTHING on the schedule for the afternoon.  The plan is to hang out at the pool for a few hours.  I’m hoping to get motivated enough to swim for an hour.  Unfortunately, I still don’t have an mp3 player, so I’ll have to suffer through the boredom of it which usually means I make it about 500 meters and then get out.  So I guess anything over a 500 = progress.

Happy Hump Day!


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