Good and Sore

I woke up yesterday morning to legs that felt a little sore and tired… in the best possible way!  My legs haven’t felt like that from a run in a very long time and it’s a feeling I love.  It’s the soreness that reminds you of the hard work you put in to make them feel that way.  Although the run wasn’t that fast, it involved a lot more hills than I’ve done in a long long time and my quads, hamstrings, and glutes let me know about it.  But I’ll take that soreness any day and am thankful for it because it means I’m running.

I took yesterday off because… well mostly because I was totally unmotivated.  I wanted to run but knew I shouldn’t and couldn’t get excited about the elliptical.  I figured a rest day wasn’t the worst thing in the world and instead of the gym, headed to Costco.  While there, I managed to pick up the couple things I went there for and 25 impulse buys.  Costco – 462, Tara – 0.  Although, we saved some money at the swim meet last night because I packed our dinner courtesy of Costco, so I guess it’s a tie.

It’s an unfortunate thing that I didn’t get this foot issue figured out before the summer.  My foot typically feels the worst in the morning and then feels progressively better through out the day.  Of course, it being summer, the best time to run is early in the morning.  Luckily, the weather has been pretty mild so far so running at 9:30 while the kids are in swim practice has worked out nicely.  Now that it’s July though, I feel like it’s only a matter of time until the temperatures hit “Tara is a disastrous mess” levels.  So as an experiment, I ran at 6:30 this morning.  Well, actually, the reason I ran at 6:30 was because it was when I could find someone to meet me and running with someone else > running alone.  Almost always.  Every once and a while I need a head clearing run by myself but usually given the option, I will choose company.  In any case, it went surprisingly well!  Well as far as my foot goes anyway.  I was completely preoccupied by the fact that my stomach was hurting and my lungs were about to explode to worry about my foot.  At around 1.8 miles, I wondered if I was going to be able to finish the run.  By mile 5, I thought I might die.  As we were running, I made this incredibly profound statement: getting out of shape is so easy and getting back into shape is so hard.  Yes, I know, I’m so deep.  The humidity was out of control but thankfully the temperatures are still pretty mild.  I go back and see Dr. Wong tomorrow and am pretty excited to report back my progress since Friday.  While still not completely pain free, every run gets a little closer.

I’m excited to report that I’m doing my first race since February on the 4th!!!


The nice part is that I have zero expectations for it.  I have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on myself and this time, there’s no pressure, no time goal, no plans for anything but to have a good time.  Can’t beat that.

I tried to touch my toes yesterday and it was kind of a production.  My hamstrings are ridiculously tight.  I am going to try really hard to squeeze in some yoga today because really, that’s just sad.  But we’ll see how the days pans out.  Back to the pool this morning and cook out tonight.

I forgot how good it feels to start off the day with an early run! 🙂


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