The last few days

I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about the 5k I did so I can write about it but haven’t been able to.  The race itself was good.  It’s a pretty big, well organized race.  I had preregistered and picking up my packet race morning was fast and easy.  I did an easy mile warm up and my foot felt okay.  During the race, it felt all right too.  I could feel it but didn’t feel like I was limping at all.  I had a pretty ridiculous positive split as I usually do even though I tried not to go out too fast.  My first mile was 6:54 and from there I crashed and burned.  Even so, I was happy with my 23:16 finish.  Unfortunately, as soon as I finished, I could barely walk.  I limped to the car and hoped that a little icing and stretching would make it feel better.  I took ibuprofen and iced on and off throughout the day, but it continued to be pretty painful.  Over the next few days, it’s been feeling progressively better which is good but I think fast running is definitely too much for it right now.  It continues to frustrate me but at least it’s grossly humid out which makes taking more time off more tolerable.

The race has been very hard on me mentally.  I’m back to wondering if I’ll ever run again.  It’s July and a 5k has me hobbling, I don’t see a marathon in my fall plans.  In the scheme of things, not a huge deal, it’s just frustrating not knowing when/if this thing will fully heal.  This roller coaster is seriously old.  I have my next appointment with the chiropractor on Wednesday and will see what he says about everything.  I wonder if I should go back to an orthopedist.  I’ll wait and see what he says, in the meantime I’ll continue with ice and ibuprofen.

Aside from limping around all day, the 4th was great!  It’s one of my favorite holidays and I love our annual pool party.  This year we brought some new friends with us and had a great (and very hot) day of good food, drinks and company.  I had good intentions of taking a lot of pictures but instead I swam and hung out.  Oh well.

After the pool, we came home and hung out in the air conditioning for a little bit before heading to the neighborhood party.  By this point in the evening, I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk up the hill to get to it.  I eventually turned around and walked up backwards.  It was seriously frustrating.  Luckily there were some seriously tasty ribs waiting at the top for us.  The kids had a great time on the moon bounces and eating snow cones.  Lawrence got to shoot off a bunch of fireworks, everyone was happy.

More about our weekend later.  Heading to the gym and Costco today before the swim meet tonight.  Happy Monday!


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