Vegas Baby!

Yesterday was a really good day!  The roller coaster continues!  I went to the gym but just couldn’t get motivated.  I spent some time on the elliptical and the stairmill but didn’t want to be there.  So I did a little core and a little balancing and headed to Costco.  Since I didn’t really do much at the gym, I decided to take a walk around the lake.  I’m meeting a friend today to run and wanted to test out the foot to make sure I would actually be able to run and it actually felt great!  I didn’t do much, 2.5 miles of running, with 1.5 miles of walking interspersed but enough that I’m happy that things are totally derailed by that 5k.  Need to just keep it slow and steady for now.

We also bought plane tickets for Vegas yesterday!  I’ve never been and am excited to finally see it for myself.  Lawrence is going for a conference and I’m just tagging along.  So I’ll have some time to hang out by the pool and read or nap while he’s off doing work stuff… sounds heavenly!  The kids will be staying with my parents while we’re gone which they will absolutely love.  So it’s win/win for the entire family.

I’m meeting a friend this morning for a run which makes me very happy.  He helped me train for a half marathon a couple of years ago but we haven’t run together much in the last year.  It will be good to catch up and to have a running partner.  Summers are tricky with the kids home, I kind of have to sneak in workouts wherever they fit in which makes meeting up with people hard.  So lately it’s mostly just me alone with the occasional meet up which makes them that much more fun for me.  Fingers crossed my foot cooperates although it’s been feeling good this morning.

Wednesday night is relay carnival.  It means that we’re halfway through swim season.  That’s crazy!  I feel like the kids just got out of school for the summer.  We love swimming but it makes the summer go by so quickly… some days that’s a good thing. 😉


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