I might drown if this humidity continues.  Yesterday I ran an easy 3 miles while the kids were in swim practice.  Have you seen this quote before?


I’m pretty sure I’m getting close.  It was one of those days where you’re just praying for rain because the air is so thick.  Luckily, I didn’t drown and finished up my 3 miles before collapsing on the pool deck.  I like to put in a couple miles before I see Dr. Wong because it’s easier to show him exactly where things hurt.

My appointment went pretty well although at one point I thought I was going to throw up in the trashcan.  From the first appointment he’s done Graston on me.  I’ve heard about it being painful and causing bruising on other people but that’s never been my experience.  That changed yesterday.  He started doing his thing and I was like, woah, that hurts… wait… OWWWW!  I felt like I was in labor doing breathing exercises.  It was pretty intense.  When he finished, I laughed and said, wow, that hurt… that means it must be working!  He just shook his head and said, “Only a runner would say that.”  I took that as a compliment.

He’s still trying to figure out what’s going on with me.  Yesterday he told me that he thinks the cuboid issue is totally resolved and what we’re dealing with now is different.  The location of my pain isn’t the same as when I walked in his door the first time.  Yesterday he was talking about a high ankle sprain.  In order to test this theory, he said he’s going to try to meet me before my race on Sunday to tape up my ankle to see if it makes any difference.  Seriously?  That is why I love this man.  He genuinely wants to get me back running pain free and is committed to figuring out exactly why I’m hurting.  I’m so thankful to be working with him.  I’m still frustrated with this injury but it’s a relief to have someone on my side telling me that pain isn’t normal and that regardless of what an MRI looks like, something is not right.  So that’s where we are.  I’m definitely better than I was a month ago and after all the dead ends I’ve dealt with, I’ll take that.

Last night we had relay carnival at Hollin Meadows.


  This is our 6th year at Sideburn Run and the second time we’ve been in the same division as Hollin Meadows.  You know you’re getting old when you go back to where you grew up and nothing looks the same.  Well, that’s not true, the neighborhood and house look the same, but all the stuff along Rt. 1 looks different.  And it’s always weird when a stranger walks out of YOUR house.  Okay, my parents sold the house back in 2002, but it’ll always be my house.  I lived there for 22 years!  Anyway, back to the meet.  Brendan, Ryan, and Lauren all swam last night and all 3 did awesome!  Brendan’s mixed age relay broke the pool record.  We made it through all the medley relays and were about to start the free relays when this happened.


  We had to clear the deck and wait… and wait… and then wait some more.  The meet started at 6:30.  We cleared the deck at 7:30.  It was after 9 when the meet started again.  It was pretty dark by then.  The second half of the meet when really well… we think. 🙂  It turned into a pretty late night but relay carnival is one of my favorite meets of the season and everyone had a really good time.

Today I’m meeting up with my sister-in-law to take the kids bowling after swim practice.  Happy Thursday!


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