Specialists and more specialists

It’s been a busy few days full of excitement… well excitement may not be the best word since that has a positive connotation but it hasn’t been dull in any case.  Yesterday, I continued my quest to figure out what is wrong with me…. er… my foot.  The doctor I saw yesterday was a sports medicine doctor recommended to me by a friend at work.  The experience itself was incredibly positive.  My appointment was at 4, the office closed at 5 and I left close to 6 and yes, he was working with me for most of that time.  He came in and talked to me for a while, checked out my MRI from March and then rolled this guy in.


As a side note, if you want to freak out your husband, send him a text that says, “Guess what I’m doing right now… getting an ultrasound!”  So that’s an ultrasound machine and the benefit of a diagnostic ultrasound over MRI (as I understand it) is the ability to look at everything in motion.  After listening to everything, he agreed that it sounded like cuboid syndrome and also that my peroneals were all sorts of whacked (that’s the technical term).  In an effort to pinpoint where my pain was coming from he numbed up some stuff in my foot.  He started with the peroneus longus.  If you’ve never had a tendon shot up with novocaine, I highly recommend you avoid it.  It was not a pleasant experience but the doctor was incredibly nice and patient with me.  After the injection we waited a few minutes and then he had me walk, hop and run on it.  I definitely noticed a decrease in pain.  He then injected another spot.  I got up and moved around on it some more and felt more relief.  It wasn’t 100% better but it was a noticeable difference which means the pain I’m feeling was coming at least partially from the 2 areas he numbed.

So the result of all this is that I’m going to PT a couple of time a week to try to strengthen the peroneals starting on Thursday.  I’ll do that for a few weeks and then go back and see the doctor.  If at that point we’re not seeing any progress, we’ll try some cortisone injections.  I’m happy to have a course of action, the wait and see approach hasn’t gotten me very far.  But I can’t say I’m overly optimistic about things.  I’ve been disappointed too many times to get too excited about any treatments, but I’m happy to be doing something and I really liked him, so that’s a very good thing.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with a podiatrist that someone else at work recommended.  I figure at this point, it won’t hurt seeing him as well.  Maybe custom orthotics are the answer.

So that’s the update on the foot.  On to other things, Sunday afternoon Lawrence ended up in the ER with Brendan.  We had a good morning and afternoon and I headed to a birthday party around 4.  Brendan had been fine all morning.  About 15 minutes after I left Lawrence started texting me that Brendan couldn’t move the right side of his face and that he needed to go to the ER.  We consulted with some friends (nurses) and then Lawrence headed out around 5.  Brendan was tested for a stroke which was negative.  The also did a CT which was also negative.  He was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy but at this point the cause is unknown.  We’ve actually known a couple of people with this condition so the whole thing was a lot less scary than if we had never seen it but obviously, it was still scary and upsetting particularly for Brendan.  We have an appointment with a neurologist next Tuesday which will hopefully yield some answers.

Tonight we have our cookout which will be a nice relaxing thing to do after all this craziness.  We’re also in the final days of swim team for the year.  How did that happen?  Divisionals is this Saturday and the end of the season party is on Sunday.  I’m not ready!  But I AM ready for vacation, so bring on August. 🙂


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