Peace and Pretzel Making

The last few days have been good.  Getting the stress fracture diagnosis and getting put in the boot has done wonders for my mental well being, strange as that may be.  Being an injured runner is never good.  Being an injured runner with no idea what the injury is or if it’ll ever heal, well that’s just cruel and unusual.  When I was at the doctor last week, the nurse was taking my pulse and asked if I was a runner.  I said yes and she said, your pulse gave it away.  When she left the room, I just sat there wondering how long I could still answer yes to that question.  How long can you not run and still consider yourself a runner?

The not knowing and constant searching has been the hard part about the last 6 months.  Now that I finally have a real diagnosis that makes sense, I feel more peaceful about it all.  I’m still not running obviously, but now I know why and have a plan and timeline to get me back out there.  There’s a lot of comfort in that.

Lawrence’s aunt has been staying with us the last few days and has done approximately 452 different activities with the kids.  They are in heaven!  One of the many things they did:


Pretzel making!  And looking at that picture gets me even more excited about our kitchen renovation.  First up is picking cabinets which is a lot longer process than I originally thought but it will be an amazing transformation when it’s done.

We also went out with some friends on Saturday night to Mad Fox Brewing Company.  It was my first time there and it was only okay.  Dogfish Head and Sweetwater Tavern are definitely better.  And hopefully I’m up and running again by this fall when Sweetwater rolls out their pumpkin ale again or they need to come out with a calorie free version… is that too much to ask?  We had a really fun night although I did make the unfortunate decision to wear a wedge on my left foot.  I’ve been wearing running shoes since I got the boot which are almost the same height.  Since I actually put on normal clothes for once, I had the choice between a flat or a wedge, either way, one leg was going to be higher than the other.  If you ever have that choice, always ALWAYS choose the flat.  On top of the comfort factor, I just looked ridiculous trying to walk.  Oh well!

Yesterday was the end of the season swim party.  Say what?!  I’m still in shock and not at all sure how that happened.


This was my 4th year doing the end of the season slideshow so I knew what I was getting myself into and how long it takes.  Even so, I waited until the last minute to go through the over 4000 pictures I took over the season.  BAD idea.  There almost wasn’t a slideshow and I wasn’t as happy about how it turned it out as the last few years.  But I got it done, so I guess I have to be satisfied with that this year.  On a side note, when I looked at the picture above, I couldn’t believe that was Brendan.  How did my little boy turn into a young man already?  I’m so not ready for this!

Today is catch up on the mountain of laundry day.  We have nothing on the schedule which feels nice for a change.  A little relaxing, a little catching up, possibly some swimming.  We’ll see where the day takes us.

Happy Monday!


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