New Life Plan

A friend sent me this picture the other day:


Before I talk about the picture, a little background.  I’ve been trying to convince Lawrence for a while that we need to move to the Caribbean and open up a bar on the beach there.  When we were in St. Kitts a few years ago, we went to a little open beach bar after snorkeling for a few hours.


I could seriously see myself doing that.  Living by the beach, working at the bar, and spending my days scuba diving and running.  It would be a rough life with views that ugly.  But so far I haven’t been able to convince Lawrence that this an acceptable life plan.

So, when I got the picture above from my friend, that seemed like a good compromise.  It’s a picture of a moving bar in Colorado.  You pedal while you drink!  Genius!  You no longer have to choose between happy hour and the gym after work, you can have a drink while you’re working out.  Seriously, how can this not be a success?  We can start with one, then add more as the business takes off.  Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten Lawrence on board.  He never seems to understand how amazing all my ideas are.

Tonight, we’re heading to a friend’s house for drinks and fondue.  Maybe they’ll want to invest in my new business venture.  In fact, if any of you want in on this, I’m taking on investors asap.  And in the event it doesn’t take off, we can all just pedal around DC drinking and commiserating.

Enough of that.  I found this blog today.  Pam Smith won Western States this year and I’ve really been enjoying reading about her.  She’s older than me at 37 which gives me hope that I still have some speedy years ahead of me.  She wrote this about Western States and it made me smile:

“At Dusty Corners there was a lot of shock when I came in leading the women’s race as I was most certainly not one of the favorites. Craig Thornley was there joking around with me and giving me good advice. But after the race, my crew told me he asked them, “Does she really think she can win?”. I guess he was a little shocked, too!”

I love it.  All the hard work she put in paid off and she did what no one thought she could.  Good stuff.


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