Caffeine Withdrawal

It’s been a little dicey the past few days around my house.  I woke up on Tuesday and decided I was going to give up caffeine.  I’ve been consuming waaaaaaaaay too much soda and coffee lately but been feeling ridiculously exhausted.  The fact that I can consume approximately 5000x the recommended daily dose of caffeine and still be exhausted can not be a good thing.  So I decided to go cold turkey.  I don’t recommend this method if you’d like to remain a half way decent person.  My poor children have had a rough couple of days.  Today marks day three of the no caffeine campaign and I’m hoping it’s the turning point.  I don’t plan to never have coffee again, but I felt like I needed to take a break and let my body reset.  We’ll see if it makes any difference in my energy level.

Spin class was good on Tuesday.  Hard but good.  Luckily it was a spin/core combo class, so I only had to spin for 30 minutes.  I’m pretty sure I would’ve passed out and fallen off my bike if it had been a 60 minute class.  I can’t believe how out of shape I am!  Okay, actually I can, but it stinks.  That’s what six weeks of doing absolutely nothing will get you.  On the plus side, my foot is feeling pretty good and getting a little better every day.

Today we’re heading to the schools to meet teachers, find lockers, buy PE uniforms and all that good stuff.  Then we need to finish up the school supply shopping.  Leaving things until the last minute is so wonderful.  I think I’ll try to make it to the gym tonight for a class.  I’m torn between spinning and body pump.  Hopefully I’m still motivated when 5:00 rolls around.  🙂


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  1. Claire says:

    Love your post today! I totally get the caffeine thing. But does that mean we can’t go to Starbucks next week?

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