Fall Cleaning

Happy Labor Day!

We’ve had a fun and productive couple of days around here.  I worked all day Saturday and then headed straight from work to the pool.  They had a ice cream social followed by happy hour.  We had a good night grilling and hanging out with friends.  Some friends invited us over to hang out after the pool closed but I seriously couldn’t keep my eyes open.  It’s a sad day when I can’t stay up past 9:30!

After a good night’s sleep, we got up yesterday and finally started to tackle the basement bedroom.  We made a good start on it and got rid of five bags of stuff from that room so far.  We did have to figure out where the stuff that we wanted to keep was going to go, so we also cleared out some space in the laundry room.  It’s a big day.  I craigslisted both of my running strollers.  Me and my BOB’s have run a lot of miles together.  They are more than just strollers to me.  When I left work and became a stay at home mom, they became a lifeline to the outside world.  I could strap Ryan and Lauren in my stroller and have an hour of uninterrupted adult interaction (for the most part).  And I just haven’t been ready to let them go until now.  But it’s time.  I don’t use them and we need the space.  It’s bittersweet.  I’m not sad that I won’t have to push a stroller again, but it does mark the end of that period of life.


I wish I had kept track of how many miles I put on that thing.  I do know that the longest run I did with the double was 10 miles.  I can’t even begin to imagine the number of times it made the 4.5 mile trek around Burke Lake.  We had a good run (pun intended) but it’s time to pass it on to the next family.

The strollers weren’t the only things I put up on good old craigslist.  Can I just take a minute to say how much I love that craig.  And his list.  I have done so much buying and selling on craigslist over the last 10 years.  Purging feels good.  Making money while purging feels even better.

Anyway, after working on the room for a few hours, we headed to the pool for another cook out.  I’m ready for school to start, it will be so nice to be back on a routine, but I’ll miss the days/nights sitting by the pool with friends.  I broke my caffeine fast yesterday because we were planning to go over to a friend’s house after the pool closed and I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall asleep again.  One coffee at 5:30 = one wired Tara until 1:30 am.  I love it when caffeine actually works the way it’s supposed to.  I’m back to no caffeine today.  I’ll have a coffee here and there, what I’m mostly trying to avoid is soda and artificial sweeteners.  Yesterday I put sugar in my coffee for the first time in forever.  I had been using Sweet’n low.  As I was pouring in the sugar packet, Lawrence just looked at me and said, “Who ARE you??”  I’m just trying to make baby steps toward healthier eating.

Today we need to finish up all the school stuff and will probably go up to the pool to enjoy the last few hours of summer vacation.  There will probably be some more work on the bedroom.  Once we empty it out, we need to paint it before Brendan can move in.  I think by the end of September he will be completely relocated to his new bedroom.

Happy Monday!


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