Back to School and Back to Running!

We survived the first day of school!


I always look forward to summer for a break from the school year routine and I always look forward to school starting again to get our lives back on a routine.  I’m also very happy to move back to mornings at work and only working when the kids are in school during the week.  It will make life much easier for all of us.

Everyone had a good day.  They always like to see all their friends and in Sean’s case, meet new ones.  He also had his first ride on the school bus.


What a good big sister helping her little brother onto the bus.  It’s so sweet when they’re not trying to kill each other. 😉

In other news, I RAN YESTERDAY.  I did a 20 minute warm up on the elliptical and then did 2 miles of run/walking on the treadmill.  It was slow but it was PAIN FREE.  I haven’t had a pain free run since February!!!  Every other time I’ve tried to run, I’ve been running through pain.  So I’m pretty confident that we’ve finally figured this thing out after 7 months.  I still have an mri on Friday and more x-rays on Monday.  I’m not sure what my doctor will tell me and I’m trying to mentally prepare in case he wants me to stay in the boot.  I mean, technically I’m still supposed to be in it until I see him on Monday but the boot was causing it’s own set of issues.  My tendons had started to bother me from being in it.  I did yoga today for the first time in months and my foot/leg feels great.  Everything was so tight from lack of movement.  I think all the muscles in my foot atrophied from being in the boot for 5 weeks, so it’ll take some time to get it feeling normal again.  But I’m not feeling pain in where the fracture is so that’s reassuring.  I’m still using the bone stimulator twice a day and am going to be very careful and take it incredibly easy.  Definitely don’t want to knock myself out of commission before I even really get started again.

So today I put the kids on the bus, did p90x yoga and then headed to work.  Now we’re just doing after school snacks/unwinding before we head to the gym followed by dinner at Costco.  I’m planning to do some elliptical/stairmill and probably some core.  So so SO glad to be working out again.  It’ll be a long road back but I’m just so grateful to be able to move without pain.  Can’t wait to get outside to run again, just in time for my favorite season of the year!


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