Yet another injury update and a weekend recap

I had my follow up with my podiatrist yesterday morning and couldn’t be happier with how it went.  He hadn’t gotten the report from the radiologist yet but he took a look at my MRI and also did another x-ray.  The good news is that it healed more in the last 2 weeks than it did in the first 5 weeks, thank you Mr. Bone Stim machine.  On the x-ray I could see just a small shadow where the fracture was, a big improvement from the last x-ray.  The MRI still showed the fracture, but you can see the healing, so all in all, it’s looking good.  It’s still not completely healed, so I have to continue to take it easy and just be very aware of it.  If something hurts, stop.  But I admitted to him that I had stopped wearing the boot a week ago and after a little scolding, he told me I could continue to do what I was doing plus he wrote me a prescription for PT which I start next Monday.  So that was a good start to my week.

From the doctor’s office, I headed to the gym and took a one hour strength class and then did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I struggled.  I had worked up to being able to do all the pushups in the workout but today, I had to skip a couple.  My shoulders are so weak.  I guess that’s what happens when you stop going to class for nearly 3 months.  It felt good to be back though!  I’m ready to get back into a routine and it’s a lot easier with the kids back in their routine.

We had a busy weekend.  Saturday we went to a wedding in Richmond and unfortunately I forgot to get any pictures of us.  Although I did take this one of my shoe??


Yes, I was approximately 10 feet tall with those suckers on.

  They got married in an old theater which was pretty cool and unique.


Oh and luckily, I also took a picture of my drink.


Glad I remembered to take pictures of the really important things.

  After the reception we drove back home because we had to get up early to go to Kings Dominion yesterday.  Every September Lawrence’s company rents out the park for the day and the kids really look forward to it.  We’re almost to the point where all the kids can ride most of the rides.  There are a bunch of rides that you have to be at least 48″ to ride and Sean is so close to being tall enough but not quite there.  So we had to split up a couple times so that the bigger kids could ride the bigger rides, but by next year, we should all be able to do most of the rides together.  Forget kindergarte, THAT is a big milestone: when the whole family can stick together and ride all the rides at an amusement park.  I may cry.

Lauren rode the drop tower for the first time.  That is a big deal and I was very proud of her.  The fact that my hands shake for about 5 minutes after I get off that ride made me realize how scary it must’ve been for her.  But she really wanted to do it.  After she got off, I asked her what she thought.  She said she thought it was scary.  I agreed.


Ready to ride!


First ride of the day.

I’m off to do my easy run/walk this morning.  All the long hard humid training runs I put in last summer pay off tomorrow when I get to register for Boston.  Can’t wait!


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