Catching up

Good Morning!  It’s currently 5:45 a.m. and after lying in bed for 45 minutes hoping to get back to sleep, I gave up and got up.  Luckily, there’s something incredibly peaceful about being the only one up early in the morning, enjoying the quiet before the hustle of the day begins.  Especially since life has been really busy lately.  Yesterday we spent 4.5 hours in Ikea picking out kitchen cabinets.  After spending a couple of months trying to figure out what kind of cabinets we wanted, we finally settled on Ikea.  Then it took another month of trying to figure out what size cabinets we wanted where.  Since we’re redoing the layout, there were a lot of choices to be made.  With the new layout in hand, we set out yesterday morning to get the rest of the cabinet decisions made.  What I learned is that picking out cabinets takes a long time.  Around 3 hours in, I wished I had carb loaded and brought gels along.  But we finished!  Now we’re just waiting for everything to go on sale which is apparently happening next month according to the woman helping us.  So fingers crossed, October will be the month of the big kitchen remodel.  I’m excited… and scared.

We’ve also still been working on getting the basement room redone for Brendan.  We finally managed to get rid of or relocate everything in that room last weekend.  We also started the painting process by getting the walls patched and primed.  Now we just need to get a couple of coats of paint on.  Unfortunately, I’ve apparently gone from a night person to a morning person… or I’m just getting old.  I used to stay up until midnight every night but now I’m lucky if I can make it past 9.  So painting at night after the kids go to bed isn’t really an option.  The plan is to get the room completely painted this weekend so that Brendan can move down there next week.  To say that he’s excited would be a huge understatement.  I don’t blame him.  Having his own space is a big deal.  The other three kids are pretty excited too.  Everyone’s looking forward to playing musical rooms.

In between work and house stuff, I’m managing to get a decent amount of working out in.   I still have good and bad days with my foot and it still frustrates me to think about how long it’s been.  But last night I ran with my running group for the first time in a long time and it felt amazing to be back.  We did a 4 mile loop with some hills and I managed to average right over 8 but more importantly, no pain.  And even more importantly, no pain this morning.  I’ll take it.  I’m running 2 to 3 times a week right now and last night’s run is the farthest I’ve run.  I’m trying hard to just take it slow and easy and not push it.  So far so good.  I have my next x-ray on Monday and I’m hoping it’ll be my last one.  Since I can’t do much running, most of what I’m doing now is cross training and weights.  Lots of weights.  I’ve taken breaks from running before and definitely feel like starting again this time is easier since I’ve been doing so much other stuff.  Or maybe I just don’t mind the burning lungs as much this time around because I’m just so happy to be running.  Either way, last night’s run was way more enjoyable than I was expecting which was a pleasant surprise.

To keep me from being totally spastic and doing something dumb, I made plans to meet a friend to walk this morning.  It’s hard on these beautiful fall days not to run, so planning a walk keeps me from being tempted at all to run.  Plus I get to catch up with friends, so win/win all around.

That’s about it!  Lots of exciting changes over here.  Way way too many pictures coming soon! 🙂


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