Like Kara

I still find myself thinking quite a bit about where I was last year at this time.  It’s hard not to look back with a lot of regret and disappointment.  Last year, I was a month out from Marine Corps, my big goal race for the year.  I was excited and focused and driven.  I wanted to qualify for Boston so badly and poured all that desire into my training.  I was running more and faster than I had ever run before.  I generally don’t remember a lot of specific training runs, but for some reason, I remember a lot of the training runs I did last October.  I went into 2013 pretty confident that it was going to be an awesome year of running for me.  Sounds like Kara (we are tight and on a first name basis) had a similarly frustrating year.

“2013 has not been the year that I thought it would be for my running. For the past few months I have been looking forward to running the ING New York City Marathon as a perfect way to cap off a difficult year and to show the world what I am still capable of doing. Unfortunately, it just is not in the cards for this year. Letting go of my dream of running New York this year has been very difficult for me, but it was a decision I had to make.”

She ends the article with this:

“What does this mean?  It means 2013 was a rough year for me as an athlete.  I have had many great moments in training and with my teammates, but unfortunately it didn’t get a chance to translate into my races.  But I know how hard I worked this year, and last.  And I know that the opportunity will come when I can finally run the race that I am capable of.  I’m not finished, I simply had an off year.  My plan now is to get healthy.  I would love to do some fall road races for fun, and as workouts to build my fitness as I come back from this injury.  And I am already looking forward to 2014.  I have put together a loose calendar and I’m going to be racing quite a bit.  I get excited just thinking about it.  Until then, I will continue my 100+ miles a week running on my AlterG treadmill and keep thinking about one special moment at the 2008 Olympic games when Constantina Dita of Romania became the Olympic Marathon Champion at the age of 38.  You see, I will be 38 in Rio 2016.  And I still believe.”

Running isn’t my career, but I feel her pain.  2013 wasn’t my year either.  I guess it happens.  It’s time to put the past behind me and start looking forward to what’s ahead because like Kara, I know I’m capable of more than what I’ve run so far and that’s exciting.

This week I plan to supplement my 2 to 3 outdoor runs with some pool running.  I’ve resisted up until now because honestly, it’s horribly boring and I feel kind of ridiculous doing it.  But now that I’m at the tail end of this injury, I want to start increasing my mileage and need to do it in a smart way without hurting my foot.  Pool running is the best way for me to do that.  Luckily (or I guess unluckily for him), one of my coworkers is also dealing with an injury and is interested in doing a little pool running also, so at least I’ll have someone to look ridiculous with.

We are still working on getting Brendan’s room fixed up.  We let him choose the color and he chose a very bright shade of orange.  After doing one wall in that color, we knew that it was not going work.  Orange is a tricky color.   So after searching pinterest for some inspiration, we decided to do something like this:



It’s a little more work than we had planned on doing but Brendan still gets his orange without it being too traffic cone-ish.  I am lame and forgot to take before pictures but will hopefully have some after pictures later this week.

I see my podiatrist tomorrow which means another x-ray and (fingers crossed) some good news.  Can’t believe it’s October already!


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