Hectic… in a good way

Life has been busy lately.  I guess that’s just the season of life I’m in because it never seems to slow down.  But right now is particularly busy and stressful but in the best possible way.  We are busy with kitchen planning details.  We picked out our cabinets and plan to order them sometime in the next week or so.  We are ordering our appliances today.  We are pretty sure we picked our floors but are still waiting on a few more samples to come before making the leap on that one.  Those three decisions were the big ones that needed to happen before we could move forward with the renovation, now that they’re made, it’s go time which means my house will be in total chaos and upheaval until the kitchen is done.  It’s the best type of chaos but chaos nonetheless.

In between the decision making, we’ve been decluttering.  I’ve lost count of the amount of boxes that have been donated and bags that have been tossed.  With four kids, it’s easy to lose the clutter battle between the games, toys, and endless school papers.  It’s been good getting back on top of it.  Well, maybe not on top of it, but we’re getting there.

Brendan’s room is done!


And the other side:


I still have some projects to work on in it.  I’m going to refinish his desk, we need to find a duvet cover and hang some pictures, but he’s all moved in and loving his new space.  Now we get to move on to the boys room.  We’re still trying to pick out a color for that room.

In between all this house stuff, I’ve started running again!  FINALLY, I am truly up and running.  After so many months, it’s hard for me to really believe that I’m able to run and I’m feeling very cautious about getting to excited about it because it seems like I’ve had a lot of false starts.  But as long as I listen to my body and take it slow and steady, I think I’m really on my back to racing again.  I ran a slow 7.5 miles yesterday with a couple of friends and not only did it not hurt while running, it didn’t hurt after either.  I’m taking today completely off just to be safe and then will start running about every other day with some pool speed work once or twice a week.  I signed up for my first race in a long time over the weekend and it’s only 8 weeks away.  I also decided on my goal race for the spring, the Pittsburgh marathon on May 4th.  I know I won’t be in great racing shape in 8 weeks, but I like to have short term and long term goals to keep me motivated and excited.  I’m running the same half marathon I did last December.  I’m also planning on doing a marathon relay in February, Boston in April, and Pittsburgh in May.  It’s so exciting to be scheduling races again!  Now just to stay healthy.

Today we’re off to order appliances and pick up a new sectional at Ikea.  Lots of changes over here and I’m loving it!


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